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10 Foods and Drinks That Help You Sleep

10 Foods and Drinks That Help You Sleep The world is a stressful place to be nowadays. Perhaps it’s the trappings of the current generation to romanticize the past, but we don’t think anyone can argue against modern life being more complicated today than 100 years ago.

What Your Favorite Pizza Topping Says About You

What Your Favorite Pizza Topping Says About You Pizza toppings are a very personal matter. Some people swear by sausage and others insist on mushrooms. Still others think the only way to go is a classic Margherita pizza. From tuna fish to barbecue sauce and emu, pizza toppings vary greatly according to where you are in the world. People eat […]

Good Diet is important in celibacy

Diet plays a prominent part in keeping up celibacy. Purity of food brings in purity of mind. That power which connects the body and the mind is present in the food that we take. Various kinds of food have varying effects on the mind. There are certain kinds of food that make the mind and the body very strong and […]

Replace Your Medicines With Nutrients

Believe me, you will be more happy once you replace your medicines with appropriate nutrients. Today, after experiencing and experimenting a number of medical systems (or pathies) prevalent in different parts of the world, I came to a conclusion that the doctors are disease-centric. They are taught about the nature of the disease(es), how they originate and how they are […]