Fake-Outs You Need to Make on Thanksgiving

Fake-Outs You Need to Make on Thanksgiving
Fake-Outs You Need to Make on Thanksgiving

Whether you know how to cook and love it, or hate to cook and think you’re lousy at it, everyone loves a good fake-out; a recipe that has the look of a five-star restaurant without the four-figure bill at the end.

Today, Katie Lee is showing you six ways to fake-out your guests at Thanksgiving with delicious twists on your favorite sides. Check them out, below — just remember to thank us, later.

1.) No-Cook Cranberry Relish

If you’re a fan of canned or cracked cranberries, that’s fine, but Katie & Rachael recommend trying a cranberry relish this Thanksgiving due to its insanely delicious, tart-y taste. As an added bonus: You don’t even have to turn the stove on to make it, plus you can whip it up days in advance!

2.) Fake-Out Mushroom & Kale Stuffing

This fake-out takes your ordinary, premade stuffing and adds a little something special to it. The kale factor adds an especially fun flavor, as it stays green in color and keeps that crunchy taste well after you’ve cooked it.

3.) Fake-Out Cherries & Stuffing

A fake-out that only takes a few steps? Sign us up! For this one, all you do is add chopped-up pears and dried cherries to your store-bought stuffing. From there, you’re pretty much ready to go

4.) Maple Butter

Here’s a fun way to jazz up your bread basket by adding a salty and sweet taste with a real citrus pop. The end result will make your bread taste like the cornbread you typically buy at the supermarket!

5.) Pumpkin Spice Latte Pie

When fall rolls around, everyone and their mother lines up to get their long-awaited Pumpkin Spice Latte. Now, you can have it in your whipped cream! Take your normal whipped cream, mix in some instant espresso, and voila! You’ve just made the best dessert ever.

6.) Pumpkin Monkey Bread

Anyone who grew up on Monkey Bread will love this fake-out. Chop up your store-bought biscuit bread like you normally do. But instead of cinnamon, add in some pupmkin pie spice. Then, mix some pumpkin purée and brown sugar into your melted butter mixture and you’ve got your kids’ next favorite Thanksgiving tradition.


Fake-Outs You Need to Make on Thanksgiving