Foods That Help Fight PMS

There are some of the nutritious and delicious foods that can help you to fight PMS. When that time of month rolls around you might want to reach for comfort food and junk food to help you cope with PMS symptoms. But some of these foods can actually exacerbate the symptoms! Check out a few foods that help fight PMS.

1. Bananas


Bananas are rich in potassium, that’s especially important when you are coping with PMS symptoms. Low potassium levels can cause cramps and impact your mood. Eat foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, cantaloupe and citrus fruits.


2. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has lots of health benefits since it’s rich in magnesium, antioxidants and other vitamins. Opt for dark chocolate with higher cocoa percentages (70% or above), it will be bitter, of course, but it’s got the most disease-fighting flavonoids and antioxidants!


3. Healthy fats

Healthy fats

Due to the high omega-3 fatty acid content, healthy fats from olive oil, avocados, nuts and salmon can help fight PMS symptoms. Healthy fats can also help decrease such common symptoms as menstrual pain, breast tenderness, irritability and bloating.


4. Almonds


Almonds are high in vitamin E that can help with skin concerns, breast tenderness, irritability and soreness during your period. If you don’t like almonds, you can try milk, hazelnuts, avocados or eggs. These delicious foods will not only help fight PMS symptoms, but will also help your body remove free radicals.


5. Yogurt


Yogurt is one of my favorite snacks and one of the foods that can help fight PMS! Fat-free or low-fat yogurt will help balance out your calcium levels during your period. Researchers found that some women have lower calcium levels around the time of ovulation, and that can lead to bloating and low moods. If you want something sweet opt for yogurt instead of ice cream!


6. Brown rice

Brown rice

Brown rice is not the tastiest food to eat, but it can really fight symptoms of PMS! It is a whole grain rich in vitamin B6, manganese and magnesium that can help to alleviate such evil PMS symptoms as moodiness and irritability. If you don’t like brown rice, opt for whole grain pasta or oatmeal instead!


7. Beans


Finally, girls, when you are trying to cope with PMS, beans are also recommended! Beans contain vitamin B-6 and magnesium that can help with cravings, bloating, reducing water retention and mood swings. I usually eat beans with salad, add beans to a pasta dish or even make soup!

I’m eating almost all of these foods during my period, and I can say that they really help me fight PMS! Are you eating any of these foods during your period? How do you cope with PMS symptoms? Share your tips, please.


Foods That Help Fight PMS