For Your Well-Being

These are questions what the people generally make formally or informally to the friends, relatives, specialists or the experienced ones and the answers given are also some sort of hear-say. I would welcome if they are attributed authentically.

Question No.1: Is there proven natural remedy for Arthritis?
Ans.: Studies have proven the effectiveness of Emu oil in reducing pain and swelling in arthritic joints. In one study, pain was reduced by 100% in 14 days. Swelling was reduced by 100% in 17 days.

Question No.2: What are those little white chunks in the back of my throat?
They’re probably caked oil residue from the tonsils, or it could be the sign of a sinus infection, simply harmful to swallow.

Question No.3: What the difference in flavonoids between teas?
Ans.: A cup of black tea contains 268 mg of flavonoids. Green tea: 316. Decaf tea has about 85% of the flavonoids of regular tea. Increase the flavonoids in tea by sqeezing the bag after steeping.

Question No.4: What is the difference between soluble fibre and insoluble fibre?
Ans.: Soluble fibre dissolves in water. It plays a role in regulating blood sugar levels. Insoluble fibre does not dissolve in water. It adds bulk to the stool and helps to stimulate intestinal contractions.

Question No.5: What is the main ingredient in bran muffins?
Ans.: Bran is usually touted more for its carbohydrate, fibre, phosphorous, and calcium content, good for health. But most bran muffins contain very little bran, usually less than 2 g of fibre.

Question No.6: Is there an alternative to NSAIDs for headache pain relief?
Ans.: Try rubbing peppermint oil on your temple and forehead at the first sign of a headache. Some physicians claim it works.

Question No.7: Is there a proven weight-loss supplement?
Ans.: Some studies show chromium to be effective at weight loss. Chromium works at the cellular level to increase metabolism, so you burn fat faster and more efficiently.

Question No.8: Why is Krill Oil a better source of Omega-3 than fish oil?
Ans.: Many researchers believe Krill Oil to be a superior Omega-3 source because it is tiny and short-lived, with higher absorption rate than fish oil.

Question No.9: Why do I feel sleepy in the afternoon?
Ans.: We are all governed by our biological clock, also called Circadian Rhythm. Due to a dip in the Circadian cycle, some people feel a lull or drowsy period 17 to 18 hours after they went to sleep the previous night.

Question No.10: Can Strawberries lower my heart disease risk?
Ans.: Researchers at the sphere foundation discovered that strawberries can lower Homocysteine levels, a risk for heart disease. They are rich in folate, a compound that has been shown to lower Homosysteine levels.