Forget Your Past

Most of our time passes with past memories and expectations from the future. We are not able to go out of all that clutter and lead our happy life spontaneously. We find ourselves burdened not because of our present problems but because of the past hanging around our neck like a heavy stone.
Interestingly, many of us tend to forget facts but remember and dwell upon psychological memories. There is a difference between psychological and factual memories. The past memories cloud your eyes while the factual memories add up to your life.

Factual Memory has technical uses. You have to know how to drive, you have to know where your home is, and you have to recognise your wife and your children. Such memories are useful. They add up to your life and facilitate it. But if you come home and you look at your wife and think of all your past bad experiences with her, definitely your mood will change and that is a psychological hang-up. If she was angry with you in the recent past, then that memory can cloud your eyes. If she was nasty or sad, then it too can colour your perception. You will never be able to love her.

Psychological impressions change your way of looking and perceiving her as she is standing in front of you at this moment. You are no longer looking at her but at someone who doesn’t exist. You are looking at a ghost, not at your wife. And she may also be looking at you in the same way. If you wish to rejuvenate yourself, your happiness, you will have to drop the past each moment. Just as you clean your house, you must clean your inner house of the past. All psychological memories have to be dropped. Just you may kindly keep factual things and your mind will be very clean and clear.

Soon you will find that you are happy again.