Game Night Twist – Use Your Hot Tub!

Game Night Twist - Use Your Hot Tub!
Game Night Twist - Use Your Hot Tub!

Game Night Twist – Use Your Hot Tub! Having a hot tub is a fantastic way to relax, take advantage of hydrotherapy benefits and be able to unwind in the comfort of your own home. What some people may not realize is that a hot tub is a perfect place to play games and enjoy an evening of fun-filled activities.

If you want to spice up your game night and social life, keep reading to find out some of the top hot tub game ideas that will have you socializing and mingling with friends and family in no time.

Board Games

A game night classic, there are many traditional board games that are now designed to be played in hot tubs. From waterproof card decks to floating chess or checkerboards,  your favorite game night staple can now be enjoyed while relaxing in your hot tub.

Ping Pong

This game is simple to play and action-packed. The objective is for participants to not touch the floating ping pong balls with any part of their body. To start the game, drop 5 balls into the middle of the hot tub. Bathers immediately need to begin dodging the balls and avoid contact. If a ball touches a player, they are eliminated and need to remove themselves from the hot tub. When the final two players are left in the tub, start adding a new ping pong ball every 20 seconds to make the last round even more challenging. The final player left in the tub becomes crowned the ping pong champion.


Relaxing in the hot tub with friends before watching the NHL game together? Why not have a little round of hot tub hockey to set the mood! All that is needed for this game is a small floating object which will be the puck. Divide the participants into two teams, with each team staying on one side of the hot tub. Start the game by blowing the whistle. Players can try to move the puck by blowing or making waves but cannot touch it. If a team can get the puck to touch their opponents wall, it is considered a goal. The first team that scores 3 goals wins. Remember, splashing is allowed and makes the game even more intense!

Musical Jets

All that is needed for this game is a great playlist and someone to control the music. Similar to musical chairs, the goal of the game is not to be caught in front of a turned off hot tub jet. To start the game, shut off half of the hot tub jets. Have players walk around the hot tub in a clockwise motion while the music is playing. When the controller shuts the music off, anyone that is not in front of a running jet must remove themselves from the tub and is eliminated.

Balloon Race

This game is much more challenging than it sounds! Pass around some large balloons to bathers and once everyone has one, they need to hold the opening over a running jet to fill with water. When the balloon begins to fill, it becomes very difficult to manage. Whoever ends up with the largest balloon and is still holding it is the winner.


At your next party or gathering make sure to try out these ideas for a game night twist that everyone will enjoy.



Scott Bland has been in the leisure industry for nearly 20 years.  As a sales manager in the leisure industry he knows hot tubs inside and out.  Right now he works sales while writing about consumer goods on the side.  If you want to contact him, you can do so at his LinkedIn.



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Game Night Twist – Use Your Hot Tub!