Get Over a Break Up

It’s a well-known fact that break ups are hard to overcome, that’s why I am writing about how to cope with a break up. No matter if you are the dumpee or dumper, it’s a huge emotional stress. First of all, I want to stress that being single is not a bad thing. When something happens it’s definitely empowering. Being a single woman is a great time to really learn the things you like and dislike and to understand yourself. The ability to take care of yourself and be okay with it is the key, which will lead you in to your next secure relationship. Maybe it sounds useless, but always remember the quote “once you love yourself, then someone else can more”. Here are ten ways to get over a break up and move one.

1. Cry

There are many ways to get over a break up, but this may be one of the most essential ones! You can agree that this is a painful situation. Make sure you accept the break up and let yourself be upset about it. You’re no longer together with a friend, maybe a best friend, and being deprived a companion. It is not so easy to deal with, that’s why being an emotional wreck is totally okay to my mind. I want you to know all these other ways are there to help reduce the pain, cope with your feelings and move on.

2. Go out and socialize

You don’t really go out and enjoy yourself in the evening, when you are going through a break up, but changes definitely come when you want to put on some heels and make up again. It is always great to have some fun or just take a walk. Go dancing, meet interesting people and find a new friend. Very often people are concerned what really you are trying to overcome and mostly try to entertain you more than usual.

3. Go to the gym

It’s known that in this whole scenario endorphins are an unconscious win. Furthermore, working out will burn all that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream you have been eating, keep your body in brilliant shape, and provide you an output for all the emotions you are experiencing. Change your routines between a cardio kickboxing class to a fine nature tour. In addition, it always feels wonderful to make your ex miss what he lost.

4. Find a new hobby

Being single is the best time to find a new activity. You should definitely take up something interesting to do as you will have lots of free time, in spite of how hard it will be not to chat with your ex. You are the boss, just didn’t know it, and maybe creating jewellery is a secret talent you possess. No matter what it is, do something new, even call a friend to help you, and occupy yourself with as many ideas as you can. Being efficient feels better than wasting time and is just better than loafing around all day and night.

5. Take a vacation

This choice is more of a luxury offer. If you have such opportunity just use it, as not all people can quit everything and go on a vacation. Whether it’s a weekend aside at a friend’s beach house, or a trip to Europe, take yourself far away from your daily routine. Vacations are always fun.

6. Don’t be alone at home

Being at home alone when you’re upset is never a way out. Plan some interesting movie nights or dinners with friends, just to make sure you are not alone. Definitely, you are going to be in sweat pants, but be sure to keep your best girlfriends around to listen to you cry twenty-four seven. When you are sad and someone comforts you, it makes you feel better.

7. Rebound person

Since rebound works only for the type of person you’re, this option may be complicated. If you are someone who bonds to somebody very easy I would suggest passing it. But if you are a person who can hide your emotions and remain distracted then go for this alternative! Make sure your new guy understands his role. It’s selfish to play with someone else’s feelings. Remember, a rebound is a quick fun moment, not your next relationship to jump into. It is essential to take pleasure in being single!

8. Remove him from your life

I am sure when you read this you are probably thinking, “you are crazy!” as it sounds unbelievable. But this is definitely one of the most important ways to get over a break up. Do you seriously want to be sitting and watching your ex on social media just to see how he enjoys life or if there are other girls in the picture? Definitely, no! Move on and block, un-friend, do whatever you need for setting yourself apart. It doesn’t matter how much you wish your ex to see you out and about having fun, it’s not fair to him either to throw it in his face. It’s difficult to go right to the friend-zone after a break up in any case, so, maybe one day in the future you can press the “add friend” button again. As you deleted his phone number, photos, text messages, etc., you are going to be always tempted to contact him out of a moment of drunkenness or desperation.

9. Turn off all your electronic devices

I agree this sounds unusual, but it is one of the best ways to get over a break up. Sometimes on difficult days it’s just what I really need. I can separate from the world and switch all the electricity off. It’s a wonderful way to focus on myself and make sure I don’t have to keep checking down my phone to see who called. Return to the stone ages of just knowing the world goes on without turning anything electrical on. This brilliant idea is irreplaceable for when you just wish a day alone.

10. Have a spa day

Every woman likes a nice mani/pedi, massage, facial, and any type of spa treatment. Don’t go out and spend hundreds of dollars on everything, if you have a limit budget! Choose one thing that seems the best to you and treat yourself. You can easily find a massage school, which has good discounts or find many coupon sites for places having deals on various therapies. If there is a desire there is a result!

I believe you find these ways to get over a break up useful. Try to remember, what you are experiencing won’t last forever, it will change. Concentrate on enjoying life, understanding yourself, and believing that something better is waiting for you. Just fulfill all of that and you won’t even notice when your sadness go away and you will be happy again!



Get Over a Break Up