Get Fit for Less

Get Fit for Less
Don’t belong to a gym? Try these 20-minute cheap (or free!) workouts
You don’t have to spend a fortune to get in shape. These simple workouts will help you tone up and trim down on a budget.


COST: Completely free!

five-minute warm-up: Scope the mall as you walk and gradually increase the pace while your muscles heat up. During the fifth minute, walk briskly to the food court.

Food court: Power-walk the perimeter twice, then stride briskly to the nearest escalator or set of stairs.

Escalator or stairs: Walk up and down the entire set three times, then return to walking briskly around the mall.

Shoe store: Pick up the pace as you pass each shoe store or retailer of your choice.

Repeat the sequence: Go for 20 minutes around the food court, up the escalator or stairs, and past the shoe store.

five-minute cooldown: Slow your pace until your heart rate returns to normal.


Head to the mall early to avoid the throng of shoppers.

Stop to hydrate at every water fountain.


COST: $8 for a flat resistance band

Stand with both feet on the middle of your resistance band for each exercise (use one foot if two is too hard). Do eight reps of the moves three times, resting three to four minutes between reps.

five-minute warm-up: March in place, arms pumping at sides, for one minute. Lift arms overhead, then pump up and down for 30 seconds. Return arms to sides and roll shoulders forward and backward eight times in each direction. Do three sets of 10 jumping jacks. For the final minute, walk in place, pumping arms at sides.

Biceps curl: Hold end of band in each hand, palms facing up, elbows bent 90 degrees at rib cage. Slowly curl both hands toward shoulders and back again.

Lateral deltoid raises: Keeping arms straight and palms facing down, raise arms out to sides until even with shoulders and parallel to floor. Return to starting position.

Front deltoid raises: Keeping arms straight and palms facing down, hold band in front of thighs. Raise arms to shoulder level, parallel to floor. Return to starting position.

Triceps kickbacks: With arms straight at your sides and fists facing backward, push arms behind you and up, activating the triceps. Return to starting position.

Squats: Hold ends at hips and point toes out slightly to add tension to band. Lower into squat, keeping band taut and knees in line with ankles. Return to starting position.

Outer thigh side lifts: With ends of bands resting at hips, lift right leg out to the side, keeping legs straight, then return to floor. Repeat on left side.

5-minute cooldown: Put band away and walk in place, lightly pumping your arms, until heart rate has returned to normal.