Get rid of ill-thoughts

Believe me, our emotional attachment to the materialistic things is the cause of our ill-thoughts. The world would be free of trouble if there were no attachment to the materialistic things. Without attachment, you can’t be jealous. Greed comes because you object too much. Anger is because you love perfection and imperfections anger you. You love yourself too much and that’s why many times you become arrogant also in case you feel someone hurting you emotionally. It is also true that it is not love as such but the distortion of love that causes problems, because life will have no meaning without love. Suppose you are immensely successful and have all the riches at your command but love is missing from your life, you will feel depressed. Life will not really be worthwhile; it would appear dry and barren if there is no love from any corner you are expecting to get. All we really long for in life is love; a non-selfish love. The purpose in life is to blossom in that ideal love.

Here, the question how you get to that point of love where it is free from distortions and you are at ease with yourself is more important. You need love with understanding that it is your ego that’s obstructing you from innocent love. Ego is like a real dream, you can not call it unreal because you experience it very frequently in your life. To be egoistic is to be unnatural. The ego is not a substance; it is a non-substance like darkness. Darkness is only lack of light or absence of light. You could say ego is just absence of maturity or the lack of knowledge. Knowledge is an aid to develop your innermost state, which is love. Love is a state of being rather than an act. We are all made up of love. When the mind is in the present moment, we are in a state of love. So live in the present moment.

If everything is God and all is love, then where is life heading to? Life is heading towards perfection. You look for perfection; that is why you are angry at imperfections. There are three kinds of perfection: perfection in action, in speech and in feelings. Suppose someone makes a mistake and when you see that you get angry, you must assume that you are no better than the person who has made the mistake. Your feelings have become imperfect because of someone’s imperfection in action, because you did not go to the root of the wrong and expressed your anger. When the feeling becomes imperfect, it stays for a longer period. You need to rectify your feelings first. You need to get rid of your ill-thoughts; you can achieve true love. You can also commit the same mistake, you might have committed the same mistake or like in the past. Since you had got the experience of the consequences, you are angry. If you see that the history has repeated because that person did not have the past experience, you will definitely console yourself and feel relaxed.

You know, every individual is bestowed with all the virtues. They simply get covered by lack of understanding and stress. Just uncover the virtues that are already there.

Handling the mind directly is difficult. Our mind is like a pot that is turned upside down. When we were born, the pot came first with the neck upright. The whole purpose of life is to stand up, turn the pot upside down and empty it. But the pot is filled with something very sticky; though it is standing upside down, it doesn’t get empty. For this you will have to try yourself and get your mind rid of ill-thoughts and you would be happy. Be happy and get rid of ill-thoughts.