Be playful.

The present day civilization has been learning continuously since its advent. It attempts upon new and newer discoveries and inventions for the increase of its comforts. To know is the first step towards transformation. To know and not act on what we know is equal to not knowing. So action is the next step for improvement and, for survival too. The civilization is taking action for further improvement. In process of attempting upon new discoveries and inventions, we have to learn to be in harmony, not in conflict. We continue to take action and when we find that our new inventions and discoveries are going to contradict our earlier results, we try to improve ourselves and maintain harmony. Sorrow exists when we expect things, which are momentary in nature, to be permanent. This illusion leads to sorrow. To let go of the sorrow involves letting go of one’s notion of things as being permanent.

We must admit that God made impermanence of the material things as a flow of change. To be with change and letting go of the old ones would be in harmony of the nature and would reduce our sorrow even when someone, very much beloved to us, departs from this world. We will have to change the methods of our measurements. Every material thing has got individual life span and after expiry of that span, that goes away. The essence of life is change but ignorance does not accept this fact. It prefers to remain in illusion. Hence, we experiences sorrow. All that is needed is to raise the level of awareness and see the truth in what is.

Actually, we are not the body but an observer, a witness. The body is constantly changing. We will have to find out the beauty and freshness in change without any resistance. We must learn to be in harmony with it to enjoy the change. We need to drop the myth that things are static. Our mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts and that bundle is also always under change. Thoughts are like clouds. We are just like the sky, to witness. Thoughts come and go but we are just an onlooker. We can not keep a thought for ever in our memory. It will get lost as soon it gets an opportunity for replacement by another valuable thought.

To be happy, we need to enjoy and play by practising being a witness. It is not an easy job because we get identified. Identification becomes a pattern habit. We need to change this habit to not being identified. Identification is the result of the negative energies in us. We call them toxins in our beings due to wrong thinking or living. We need Just to intend thinking or living and drop these toxins, these identifications. The power of genuine intention is great. Intention is the mother of all creativity.

In course of time, our society has sown the myth that it is the prerogative of children to be playful. As we grow up, there exists an accomplishment need in an individual. Society perceives that in the fulfilment of the accomplishment need, playfulness is an obstacle. Hence, one needs to be serious. To fulfil an accomplishment need, all that is required is commitment and not seriousness. Therefore, playfulness is impressed upon us as something bad. The wise approach is in being committed and still being sincere. You will experience lightness in life. Your life will have more spiritual light if you are playful. If you take your sorrows sportingly thinking that they came to you due to some fault on your end and you will improve, you would not feel hurt any longer. There is a deep sense of ‘let go’. Let go is learning to surrender to the flow of life. One has to ultimately let go on one’s ego. When you are serious, you are in tension. Tension is the breath of your ego. When you are playful, you are relaxed. Relaxation is a part of being spiritual. Enlightenment is never in the future, it is always in the present. To be playful, one has to be in the present. Hence being playful is an important door to spirituality.

It is not opposed to being spiritual. If you stop only at physical pleasures, then you are limiting yourself. You have to go beyond to learn to go into the state of being beyond mind. We need to take every thing sportingly and live our life playful. We would be happy again.