Learn to Ignore Bad Things

It is a truth that in response to each of our acts, there are either material rewards or spiritual rewards, if we take the whole scenario in positive terms. Neutrally, we can term that every action has a reaction that can be beneficial or harmful to us, directly or indirectly, immediately or later on. Sometime, we feel emotionally depressed in awaiting of the results of our action – some excitement comes over when we get positive results and we may get depressed more if the results are negative. When we get negative results, we never tend to think that somewhere we did not do appropriately to achieve success. We may think to try to live by our free-flying emotion that allows us clarity and energy to work without self-interest. Since there are either material rewards or spiritual rewards for each action– you cannot have both. You must do different things and take different paths to acquire each. Sometime we function in the almost robotic way. What’s the reason to continue a relationship or a venture when there is no emotion or heart in it? If there is no emotion, there is no use of following. If you live your emotional life successful, it can add up to your life span considerably. But do not get emotional excessively with any particular issue – maybe that issue is irrelevant for you but for other, that may not have. You must try to keep a balance there too. One has to realise when to move on… when to let go. It’s best to live life as an honest free spirit and challenge those who infringe upon my joy. The conundrum of modern-day life has robbed us of compassion… we’ve been drained of love and humility. It’s good to remember that life is so easily destroyed, if we are not careful. We must learn to ignore bad things as early as possible to restore ourselves for better achievements.

Not Satisfied, sorrow, hate – these are the mind’s creations. You don’t need to sever your connection with the world, if you feel let down. To tackle that, it’s essential that you lead a normal life while trying to find out the root cause of the unsatisfied mind, your sorrows and your hate. This approach is both realistic and practical, and guarantees an answer to most of your deep-seated problems. You must learn to ignore bad things, firstly by going through the reasons of their occurrence and secondly, taking precautions not to let that repeat again.