Getting Friendly helps you improve your health

Getting Friendly helps you improve your health: Human is a social animal. For being social, you require emotional attachments not only within your own family but beyond too. And the emotional attachment beyond your family is generally addressed as ‘Friendship’. It is a vital ingredient for experiencing joy in your life.

Getting Friendly helps you improve your health

A good friend enhances happiness and reduces sorrows. He/she provides stability when you feel some chaos in your relationship or financial problems. Sometime, he works as an anchor in any turbulence. The emotional sweetness in your friendship has positive effects on your health. If you have successful friendships on your side, you may feel emotionally encouraged even if you take some risks in your business, career or even in your own family life.

Though in our early education we might have composed essays on good friendship, we do not find time to build up the friendship later due to our busy life. This situation has become grimmer than our previous generations. Absence of close friends in one’s life creates void and in event of any trouble, he/she may become a case of psyche sickness sooner than a person who may have a cell of friends. Some people cherish to have friendships but they do not do so, perhaps due to their fear of high maintenance costs.

But it is not so. The amiability is not costly. How? The following simple tips can help you:

1. Your Commitment For Being More Sociable:

Friendship does not come about all of sudden. It takes some work-out, some planning and some patience. You need some commitments to build up friendship with someone you choice for. You may have to initiate contacting and being the first, extend your hand of friendship. It may be possible that your initial offer may not be accepted very candidly. You need to work again if your earlier steps fail. You can start even while standing in a line for grocery or bank. You may organize a dinner or get-together on snacks. For this, you can seek advice of your office colleagues. It may strengthen your relationship with them.


2. You Need To Stand By Your Friends:

For ever lasting friendship, you need to stand by your friends in their good and bad times. Your personal loyalty is essential for nurturing intimacy in your friendship. The best friendship takes place when people serve sometime as buffers to reduce the pain of a negative, frustrating, hurtful experiences, and sometime, as boosters to enhance and maximize the pleasures of a positive nature. But never a single side! Some people come forward only in hour of adversity. Not, that is not good. The loyalty must be festive one also! Celebrate a friend’s achievement, birthday or anniversary!


3. Making Kindness A Daily Habit:

If you include kindness into your nature or habit, you may become a focal point of friendships. If while driving a car, you find someone troubled on the road. You come down to find out the reason and help him to reach to medical help, you may soon be a point of attraction for others. Once when returning from a practice match, Basketball Star Michael Jordan saw a handicapped boy in a wheelchair, staring upon himself, he came towards him and knelt down to him. The boy was thrilled to get his favorite star kneeling by his side. He asked his father to have a pic. His father’s camera did not click at that time. The player asked his father to retry repeatedly unless he achieved the pic and till that time, he continued to kneel by his son’s side. They felt amazed with his kindness.


4. You Must Show Genuine Interest In Other People.

If you show genuine interest in other people for some time, say for two months, the third month, you may find some people interested in you. When I had started my career as a salesman, I could not get much success initially. My mentor asked me to restart my efforts by treating myself as buyer instead of a seller. It changed my attitude and I got success. It was my genuine interest in my efforts to assess others’ requirements.


5. You Must Try To Cultivate Openness.

For a successful friendship, you need to be open in your transactions with your friend whether that is younger or older, male or female, a colleague or neighbor, professional or a blue collar. Your transparency can achieve more mileage in a shorter period. The people around you will also be able to know about your attitude as to when you are hurting, joking or serious about your matter. They will treat you accordingly.


6. You must appreciate your friends more frequently.

Majority of the people need the appreciation of their status and tasks they accomplish. You may express your positive feelings to appreciate your friends as and when an opportunity arises. As you grow genuine in your efforts, their love with you may increase spontaneously. It may also be possible if you do not appreciate someone on his achievement, it may hurt him. So, you need to be very active and appreciate your friends more frequently.


7. You Must Apologize Immediately If You Are Wrong.

A sincere apology can restore your friendship quickly and cement it to more strength. It is a tool that makes your love work more effectively as and when you find yourself on the wrong path. You may immediately express your regret if you feel that your friend has been offended with any of your words or gestures knowingly or unknowingly. If resentment is still there, you must double your efforts to resolve the tensions immediately.


8. You Must Forgive If You Are Hurt.

Not only apology, your forgiveness also plays wonderful role in strengthening your friendship. If you feel hurt with any word/gesture of your friend, you must try to get some clarification diplomatically and if you feel that the hurt is negligible you must forgive without awaiting for the apology. In case your friend tenders his apology, you must forgive immediately.


9. You Must Keep On Your Old Friendship Alive.

Your friendships during your school/college/training/office time or with your neighbors during your old times are plants in garden. They require attention, efforts and nurturing to remain alive. Friendships never die a natural death, they die from neglect, abandonment and disregard. You need nourish them carefully to keep them healthy, vibrant and blooming.


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Being kind to others is good for your health.




Getting Friendly helps you improve your health

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Getting Friendly helps you improve your health

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