Getting the Perfect Curls: A Guide for the Straight Haired Person

Curls have the power to turn anybody from drab to fab. But getting those perfect curls is easier said than done. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect routine to get you the curls you want with the volume you deserve.

Interested in learning more? Continue reading and we’ll walk you through how to get the perfect set of curls, no matter what your hair naturally does.

Protect Your Hair

The first step for getting great curls is to protect your hair. Use your favorite kind of blow-dry cream to strengthen your hair and protect it from heat damage. Apply a small amount in your hand and run it through your hair.

Start in the middle of your hair and run it all the way to the ends. Then, section your hair into two parts. This will help your hair dry much quicker.

In order to get a smooth final result, it’s important that you brush your hair while you dry it with a blow dryer. This is going to help your hair dry straight. You need to make sure that your hair is completely dry, from ends to roots, otherwise, your curls are going to drop.

You then want to blast some hot air into your roots to give it some volume.

Get Your Heated Rollers

Now’s the time to pull out your heated rollers. It would be ideal for you to use large rollers for the crown of your head and smaller ones for under your head. The larger ones are going to give you more volume and bigger, bouncier curls.

You first want to start with the crown of your head. Grab the front section of your hair. This is the part that’s going to frame your face. Spray this section with hairspray so that you can hold, set, and strengthen the curl.

If you use hairspray, your curls will be less likely to drop.

Using the larger roller, start at the ends of your hair and roll towards your head. Then, grab a hair grip. You want to use this to hold the roller in place.

Then, pull out the next section of hair on your crown and spray that too. Take a large roller and roll from the ends to the roots of your hair. You want to clip this in place too.

Ultimately, you want to use three rollers on the crown. Do them all in the same direction, all the same size. This is where all of the volume is going to be coming from.

The Sides and Back

Next, you’re going to put the sides of your hair in rollers. You want to roll under the hair. If you roll on top of the hair, the roller will end up flattening the roots.

Also, make sure that you’re keeping the roller nice and tight with the grips. For the hair sections by your ear, you want to use smaller rollers. This part of the hair tends to be thinner than the top sections so you want to be careful with it.

Do the same thing with the rest of your hair. Divide your hair into sections and use big rollers for the top parts. As you do this more times, you’ll intuitively learn how much hair to add to the roller so that you don’t run out of rollers near the end of the process.

If you add too much hair to the roller, it won’t curl as well because the heat won’t be able to reach all of the hair. It really comes down to how many rollers you have available to you and how thick your hair is.

For the last few pieces of hair, use the small rollers. You want to make sure that the rollers aren’t too hot. Otherwise, they can burn your hair.

Once the rollers are heated up, it’s a good idea to lift the lid open so that the rollers can cool down a bit while you prepare your hair. But you should still leave the rollers turned on so they don’t cool down too much.


Lastly, give your hair another spray of hair spray so that you can hold everything in place. Then just wait for your hair to completely cool down. If you take the rollers out while they’re still hot, your curls will drop out.

When they’re finally cooled off, remove the rollers. Start with the bottom ones first and unwind them the same way you put them in. Make sure that you don’t pull on the curl too much as they’re very delicate at this stage.

Also, as you take each section out, make sure that you spray it with some hair spray. Once you get to the rollers on the crown of your head, give your roots a spray as well.

When you’re ready to comb your hair, spray your comb too so that it can better structure your hair.

The Importance of Knowing How to Get Perfect Curls

As we can clearly see, getting perfect curls isn’t that difficult. But it does take time and effort. But after seeing the results, you’ll realize that it’s certainly worth it.

Just make sure that you have a high-quality set of rollers and the right amount too. It’s always better to start with more than you need so that you’ll always have enough. Then, it’s happy curling.

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Getting the Perfect Curls: A Guide for the Straight Haired Person

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