Getting to Know Your Inner Sexual Self

Getting to Know Your Inner Sexual Self
Getting to Know Your Inner Sexual Self

Getting to Know Your Inner Sexual Self : Most people have had experiences in the bedroom which were mediocre. Whether a long-term partner or a summer fling, it could’ve been that your partner rushed through the process? Or maybe you just didn’t hit the spot?

Whatever it is, those experiences are never fun and they usually leave us wondering what we could have done differently. From getting in touch with your intuition to tantric practices like nauli kriya, this article takes you through the steps to get to know your inner sexual self.

The truth is that in order to have a mind-blowing sexual experience, you need to take time to know yourself and what your own sexual desires are. There is no doubt that a large part of good sex is pleasuring your other half, and giving them what they want. But according to sex & relationship expert and tantra practitioner, Steffo Shambo, more often than not individuals are nervous to try new things in bed – mainly because they haven’t had time to build confidence with their own sexual selves.

First of all, you need to learn to communicate with yourself. In order to better understand the ins and outs of your sexual self, you need to have a strong connection with your intuition and feelings in general. Do you trust your gut instincts? Or do you depend on other people to guide what you choose to do? If you answered yes to the latter, this is a good point for you to start letting go of other people’s perceptions of you.

There are many ways that you can start developing your intuitive nature. If you want to start at the very beginning, daily journaling is the way forward! Being able to put your feelings and thoughts on paper isn’t always an easy thing to do, especially if you’re not used to being open with your mind, but it can be a very freeing practice. This doesn’t need to take hours – just put aside 10-15 minutes at the start or the end of your day to write down whatever’s on your mind. You can even find journal prompts online or download a journal app, if you find that easier.

Another good way to get in touch with yourself is by taking time to look at your own reflection in the mirror. Notice the way you look – what do you like about your face and body? What would you consider your flaws? Although vanity is looked down upon, looking at yourself allows you to create a different kind of bond with your own being. Think about it – we are used to seeing other people and understanding their features, but we probably spend the least amount of time looking at ourselves. By engaging with your reflection, you are building a connection internally. As the body can be derived as a sexual vessel, this practice could also help you understand how you like to be touched and what feels good – seeing these things can give you a different perspective.

Once you start to become one with your intuition, you can move on to more advanced practices to get to know yourself as a sexual being. As Shambo iterates, tantric practices are all about getting to know yourself and releasing the air of self consciousness around your being. Knowing these practices will not only help you grow as a person, it will also bring your sexual energies to life, enhancing your sex life!

According to Steffo, the most recommended practice to learn in order to awaken your sexual energies is the Hatha Yoga practice of nauli kriya. This exercise, once learned and done the right way, is not only a great abdomen massager, it also builds up your core muscles and helps you embrace your sexual energies. Once you master this practice, you will find yourself more in tune with your own body – not only sexually but in every aspect.

By going through the following practices, you will open yourself up to getting to know who you are and what your body needs to feel satisfied. This is an important part of your growth as an individual and will develop self-confidence to another level, which will reflect in the way that you have sex as well!






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Getting to Know Your Inner Sexual Self

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