Women & Body Image: Things to Know

Women & Body Image: Things to Know
Women & Body Image: Things to Know

Women & Body Image: Things to Know : There is no definitive definition agreed by the majority that could adequately explain and include all the aspects that define what body image means. To put it simply, how an individual perceives, thinks, and feels about one’s body or overall appearance generally entails the concept of body image.

There are most certainly other broader discussions between body image, self-image, and all the factors and contributions that deal with it. But here will discuss a few vital pointers regarding body image that affect the common masses, especially women.

It is anything but surprising that women are the ones bearing the brunt of the heavy expectations and idealizations of body image in society. This is not to say that they are the sole victims but rather emphasize that they are the sad majority. Since civilizations have been formed, women have had to deal with these peculiar expectations of being desirable or made to feel as if they are not as desirable in their current state of being.

Body Image and How it Affects Women

Every woman in society may or may not have the inbuilt desire to look their best and presentable at any given time. However, in the patriarchal society, where we function to date, it is a given that women must be presentable. Else it is considered unladylike and even unbecoming of them.

Certain conditions and circumstances affect the mental and physical well-being of women’s health and body appearance that are not necessarily in one’s control and also affect women in perceiving their body image. If a woman needs some medical attention, contacting a digital clinic on women’s health and wellness will be the right thing to do!

Here are a few examples of things that have the power to affect women’s health, both physical and mental, that could potentially alter their perception of their body image.

  • Aging

    Women’s health who have no other factors or ailments affecting their state begins to deteriorate and starts aging around 30. Their bone density declines, causing aches and soreness, etc. It is known that women tend to neglect their own personal well-being, and therefore it is of utmost importance to spread awareness and prioritize women’s health.

  • Acne and skin diseases

    Aggressive acne or acne scars on the face can contribute to negative body image and affect women’s health. They may feel inferior or average to look at and develop a negative impression of themselves, which may alter their physical and mental health and wellbeing for the worse. Other skin diseases that can leave marks, redness or bumps, etc., on the skin, be it on the face or overall body, have a drastically negative impact on body image and the general women’s health.

  • Hair loss

    Hair loss is amongst the most common woes that girls and women from all walks of life suffer and complain about. It could be due to daily life pressures, stress, health shortcomings like lack of certain nutrients or vitamins, and health conditions or diseases that women have no control over like menopause, chemotherapy, etc.

Hair loss
Hair loss
  • General Weight and figure

    Women who are overweight or underweight tend to struggle with having a healthy and positive body image the most. The determinants of their body image perception may or may not be society members, family members indirectly directing them to gain/ lose weight, peers exercising microaggressions with snide remarks and comments about their figure, or simply their own mind telling them their body is not good enough and desirable. Therefore instead of idealizing women’s figures and the body displayed by misleading advertisements and magazines, the emphasis should be on prioritizing women’s health and mental well-being.

  • Pregnancy

    A woman’s body goes through drastic changes throughout the course of a pregnancy. Her body assimilates and adapts itself to support the life growing inside her. However, women’s health, both physically and mentally, is severely affected by this as well. Women often develop and suffer from postpartum depression and harbor a negative perception of their body figure. They may develop eating disorders if they follow a misguided diet encouraging women to ‘bounce back’ to their former body figure.

  • Menopause and other severe health ailments commonly diagnosed in women

    After women reach a certain age, once again, their body begins to accommodate changes according to rules of nature. Women develop menopause, which has certain symptoms that affect the bodily appearance or impact one perception of body image. Similarly, severe diseases also entail specific symptoms that hurt their body image.

Body image, especially negative body image, usually comes into play when society dictates and provides unsolicited advice and opinions on how slender, slim, curvy a woman should be. How she should style her hair or whether her dental alignment is up to par with their requirements, how her skin is aging or has acne scars that need to be covered in layers and layers of concealer lest they feel queasy merely looking at it. As modern members of society, we should encourage body positivity and be kind and accepting to women; they are, after all, superhumans molded in all shapes and sizes!




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Women & Body Image: Things to Know

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