Look Younger, Feel Amazing: Skincare Tips for the Ages

Look Younger, Feel Amazing: Skincare Tips for the Ages : If you could keep the smooth, plump face you had when you were younger, there’d be no need for skincare routines. You wouldn’t have to worry about wrinkles or drooping muscle tone. But, like so many other things in life, skin changes with age.

Even with top-quality products and a healthy lifestyle, your skin won’t maintain its youthful glow forever. Exposure to the sun, smoking cigarettes, stress, environmental damage, and your genetic makeup — all of these things contribute to the skin’s appearance.

While some people embrace their new look and feel empowered by age, others feel less attractive. The face starts to lose its natural shape and begins to contour inwards in some places. Many people miss how they once looked and can lose confidence in themselves with tired, older-looking skin. The good news is that you can look younger again without the use of a time machine. Read on to discover how to get beautiful, youthful skin in a flash.

Always Remove Makeup Before Bed

Dermatologists worldwide suggest removing makeup every night. If you’re hitting the sheets with a full face of makeup, you risk acne breakouts, dullness in the skin, and eyelash breakage from hardened mascara. Find a face wash that suits your skin’s needs (for example, use a sensitive brand if you have dry skin), and wash with it every night. To remove eye makeup, consider coconut or avocado oil to gently wipe off any eye shadow, liner, and mascara.

A Professional Anti-Ageing Dermal Filler

If you’re looking for a fast, long-lasting solution for skin anti-ageing, consider the benefits of Juvederm filler — the number one doctor recommended dermal filler in the country. Juvederm helps treat wrinkles, face hollowness, and folds that occur with age, and it also treats other skin issues such as acne scars, dark under-eye circles, and lip augmentation. It’s a treatment comprised of the naturally occurring sugar in the body called hyaluronic acid, which is smoothing and restores volume to the face. Find a cosmetic and laser clinic that offers quick and effective procedures from highly-trained doctors and nurses. And, since it’s that time of year, also be on the lookout for clinics offering Boxing Day sales to take advantage of any deals!

Lower Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is incredibly dehydrating, and over time, excessive consumption can cause the skin to appear dry and dull. If you’ve ever woken up on New Year’s Day with a splitting headache and an immediate urge to guzzle back a litre of water, you’ll understand. Alcohol negatively affects sleep because it reduces the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) portion of the sleep cycle. The less you sleep, the worse it is for your skin. It will look tired and lose its natural fullness.


Exfoliation helps shed dead skin cells, revealing a fresher, younger you. Consider a professional chemical peel a few times a year, and invest in an at-home exfoliator product to use weekly. You can also make your own out of honey and baking soda.

Ageing is inevitable, but who said you have to look the part? By taking care of your skin and treating yourself to beneficial procedures, you can look youthful and feel amazing.








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Look Younger, Feel Amazing: Skincare Tips for the Ages

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