How To Manage Periods At Work?

Do you dread when you are nearing the date for your monthly alarm to go off? Or do you belong to the other category which does not exist? Obviously, the former. Personally, I loathe this time for my period comes with her friend named “cramps.”

And being a working woman, this gets a lot worse. You are in a meeting and got your period, awkward and discomfort both, right?

I have been there yet not learned the art of not panicking over when I start menstruating at work.

Workplace and Period

As it is known, women these days share a more significant portion of the workforce. And, monthly period cramp is messing with us women’s ability to work at our best.

Menstruation hits every woman differently. No two periods are the same. Some women go on with their lives calmly like the girls shown in those advertisements, while the rest of us have to deal with the pain and work our way around it. The crux of the matter is that period can affect you physically and mentally enough to hamper work.

Research says that menstruation has led women to lose almost nine days of work on an average in a year, which signifies the problem. Even though many opt for work from home during those days but the productivity levels remain low. Since cramps, lethargy, bloating is not pleasant, so the job gets challenging amid these.

You can always take leaves on the initial days, but then it increases the work pressure instead. However, there are specific ways to make your vaginal bleeding days less discomforting and more effective. Let’s have a look on ways How To Manage Periods At Work –

  1. Eat healthily

    Food is something that plays a significant role in our body’s metabolism. And especially during your period, the diet must be rich in magnesium, vitamins, and fiber. Carry a wholesome lunch to the office and even better if you can keep a track of your nutrition with the help of various digital fitness trackers available these days. So dig into those greens and pay some attention to oats and beans.

  2. Drink water

    Water is a universal remedy for everything. Did you get eyebags? Drink water. You feel weak? Drink water. There is nothing which water cannot do. Likewise, staying hydrated makes your liver healthy, which keeps the hormones balanced, particularly estrogen, thereby managing the menstrual cycle.

  3. Use a Period Kit

    There is a possibility that your workplace might have provisions of a period kit, yet it is better to carry one yourself, just in case. The kit must contain sanitary napkins or tampons (whatever suits!) along with some wipes and hand sanitizers. This way, even if your period comes knocking without prior notice, you can still be ready.

  4. Take Medicines

    Medicines are generally not recommended at all. But, if the cramps become unbearable and you have an important meeting lined up, there is no other place to go to except aspirin, which will rid you of the severe pain. So, keep an aspirin on your desk always for emergencies.

  5. Drink Herbal tea

    Now this one is personally approved. Ginger tea, cinnamon tea, peppermint tea, and even green tea feel like heaven in your period days. These help with the cramps and make you feel fresh and warm. Ask your HR to keep some herbal tea in stock, or you can carry it yourself to the office. Just 2-3 cups a day during the menstrual cycle and soothe yourself. Give it a shot!

  6. Consume Dark Chocolates

    Who would say no to chocolate? Like nobody. We all need excuses to eat chocolate, and we got a proper one. However, period cramps do not allow you to have chocolates rich in fat but only dark chocolate. Besides relieving stress and pain, dark chocolate keeps your spirits high. So, what are you waiting for? Time to pamper yourself with some dark chocolate bar.

  7. Plan ahead

    When you see the date is approaching, it is better to be prepared beforehand and not let those cramps put you in shock. The initial days of menstruation are pretty much stressed and discomforting; in that case, it is smart to finish up some tasks early and keep the load less for those two days. Plan it accordingly and go easy on yourself and give your body some rest and peace.

  8. Wear a Comfortable Outfit

    One of the essential things to do while on your period is dressing wisely. Wear comfortable clothes. While my mother believes in wearing long topwear during this period, I could not disagree more. If you are dressing up in your comfort outfit, it is going to make you feel relaxed and better. Jump into your easy-fitted pants and head to the office.

  9. Let coffee be

    I’m not too fond of the idea of coffee anyway, and it is overhyped, unlike the popular opinion where people are crazy about coffee. Caffeine aggravates menstrual cramps, for it constricts blood vessels, and if you are that fond of it, tea is a healthier option. So, when that friendly colleague offers you some coffee, nod politely.

  10. Walk a little

    Exercise is a beneficial technique to get relief during periods, but it is impossible to do it while at work. You can, however, start walking around the office, and it will serve the same purpose. Maybe you could go to the pantry or have a glimpse of that crush sitting in the farthest room of the office. Just find an excuse and walk for it helps with the smooth blood flow.

  11. Carry a Heating pad

    If you are the one with cramps, applying heat over the abdominal area will give you immense warmth and relieve you of those unwanted menstruation aches. As much severe as your pain is, the heating pad does the trick for you. So, if you can put one in your office bag, you are all set.

  12. Skip junk food

    I can understand how tough it is to stay away from those burgers and fries, but you ought to do it if you do not want to go through those few days of hell every month. Food rich in salt is a big no-no during this time as it increases water retention and bloating, which I am guessing nobody wants. So now, you know what to do when your colleagues ask you to accompany them to the nearest food stall for that extra bite. Cravings are common, but resistance is healthier.


Managing periods at work is quite simple if you know the tricks. There are some basic things like sanitary pad dispenser machines in the female washrooms or the availability of sanitary pads, which are of utmost necessity. If your office does not have one, consult HR.

It is paramount that every woman has the most secure and comfortable work-environment where men are aware of the various issues we have to deal with while being on our periods, and they respect the space.

So, is it that time of the month?? If yes then I hope we could give you what you were looking for.


Author :

Dipshi Bhattacharjee besides working as a Content Writer at Vantage Circle. She is an animal lover with a huge fascination for Cinema, Television & Foreign languages.





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How To Manage Periods At Work?

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