Fitness Trends to Look for in 2021

Fitness Trends to Look for in 2021 : The fitness industry goes through trends, whether it is an exercise like Tae Bo becoming popular or people replacing sweats with lightweight, form-fitting outfits. So, what does the future hold for the fitness industry? Here are the fitness trends to look for in 2021.

Growing Demand in Natural Supplements

People are starting to appreciate the impact diet has on our health. While you can find more products intended to help you eat healthier including cauliflower pizza crusts and ancient grains in everything, some people choose to opt for supplements instead. This includes whey or soybean-based protein shakes, omega-3 and serotonin supplements to help regulate one’s mood and herbal remedies over pharmaceuticals. It also takes the form of vitamin C supplements derived from plants and calcium from oyster shells instead of factories. Find out more Information about fitness and health visit Fit n Healthy

The Continuing Adoption of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has become commonplace. Your smart watch tracks your heart rate and estimates the miles you’ve walked. It may check your blood pressure or monitor other vital signs. We can expect wearable technology adoption to accelerate, since health insurance companies are rewarding people who wear them. You can’t force people to get moving, but you can give them incentives to take at least two thousand steps a day or penalize them for being too sedentary. Gamification has also come to fitness in an effort to keep people healthy. For example, you see leaderboards with many fitness apps, taking the data on how many miles you walked or times you jumped jump rope and sharing it with others. You get to say you won the competition for that day, while the example you provided may motivate others to go farther tomorrow.

Fitness Bands
Fitness Bands

Another reason why we can expect rapid growth of wearable technology is the growing acceptance of it. One industry study found that eighty percent of consumers are willing to wear fitness technologies. It is considered a way to take control of your own health, and it allows you to track health conditions without having to go to the doctor as often. That the data may feed seamlessly to your app, generating reports and sharing critical information with your doctor is a bonus.

For example, fitness monitors can track your heart rate over time while alerting you to an irregular heartbeat. Wearable ECGs are more advanced; they first came out in 2019. Wearable blood pressure monitors are another more advanced technology that’s started to hit the market. These devices can track and store data on blood pressure readings, and it may provide insight on how your personal habits affect your blood pressure.

Biosensors are becoming commonplace because they allow for remote monitoring of patients in the hospital. Expect to see more such sensors given to the elderly and their caregivers. The tech is intended to prevent cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest, but it gets used to flag people who haven’t stirred in a while and encourage them to literally get out of bed if possible.

The Ever-Smarter In-Home Gym

Purchases of home gym equipment took off during the government-mandated shutdowns in response to the coronavirus. However, many people want expert advice on how to work out effectively as well as pep talks to keep them going. The industry’s solution has been a mix of online classes and smart gyms powered by artificial intelligence. For example, The Mirror is a digital system that shows you how to work out in front of your mirror and tracks your movements. It has fifty different “genres” of workouts stored in its data bases. It has many classes ranging from 5 to 60 minutes, and it can match the level that you choose. And it can connect you to live classes you can do from home. You can do boxing, yoga, or general calisthenics in front of the mirror alone or part of a virtual community.

More Outdoor Training

There are a number of reasons why outdoor training is going to take off during 2021. The shutdown of gyms due to public health concerns is going to cause many of them to go out of business. However, fitness experts still need to earn a living. This is resulting in socially distanced workout sessions held in the public park or one’s backyard. It has the side benefit of getting people outside, and exercise is one of the few legitimate reasons you’re allowed out of your home during lockdowns. We can expect many people to prefer outdoor training such as jogging on the trail instead of a treadmill in 2021, just because they’re so tired of having been stuck inside. It is also a more engaging experience for those who’ve relied on online personal training for months.

More Online Training

We’ve already mentioned that online training is on the rise. It is driven in part by the growing sales of smart workout equipment allows you to connect to live training classes through your branded workout bike or your smart mirror. Access to these resources is considered a selling point for the smarter workout equipment, and it justifies an ongoing subscription to the company/service provider. They appreciate the steady revenue this provides, and it keeps customers engaged with the brand. The engagement with the trainer keeps consumers going during the workout, while the sheer variety of online classes gives them the variety they need to continue working out in general.

Online Fitness Training
Online Fitness Training

How does this differ from the online videos that have been out for years? Interactivity for one. You aren’t just watching a video and trying to imitate what is going on. The trainer may have your name and stats and be able to give you advice if you’re doing it wrong or call you out if you’re falling behind. The built-in connectivity also makes it possible to have private, one-on-one training sessions with a professional trainer from your home. This caters to the general trend of people cocooning at home, and it has been propelled by the shutdowns that forced a lot of people to stay at home who’d otherwise have been at the gym. You can argue whether or not the digital training session is as good as an in-person one. However, it is essential for those buying home gym equipment who’d rather be at the gym with their tribe. And they’ll pay more for the smart bike or mirror that provides it over the cheaper, low-tech equivalent.






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Fitness Trends to Look for in 2021

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