Gift Ideas for Writers

Is there a writer in your life that you want to buy the perfect gift for? Then look no further! With just a little bit of thought, you can get them a meaningful and affordable present that they will use and appreciate. Here are 5 gifts that almost any writer is sure to love.

1. A notebook

Most writers really love notebooks. It’s handy to always have a notebook lying around in case they are struck by inspiration. They might have a notebook by their bed, a notebook on their desk, a notebook in their bag, and even a notebook in the bathroom, because you never know when that brilliant idea might come along.

So for these reasons, a notebook is usually a safe bet for a present for a writer. Keep in mind, however, that while many writers still love their notebooks, in today’s technological age some prefer to use their phones or tablets to take down their ideas. So a notebook is best if the writer you are buying for still uses a pen and paper from time to time.

2. A book

It’s safe to say that the majority of writers are also avid readers, as this is where many got their love of writing from. Buying the right book for someone can be tough, but a little easier for someone who is widely read (as most writers are). Chances are that they would be willing to read a variety of topics and genres, and chances are that they have talked your ear off about some of their favorite reads, so buy them something similar.

Or, better yet, if you really have no idea what they might like, buy them a book that you fell in love with. If it has meaning to you and comes with your rave review, then your writer will probably love to give it a read.

3. Posters/Paintings

Writers spend a lot of time cooped up in their dark room, illuminated by the light of their laptop, typing away writing articles, blogs, novels, or whatever it is that has earned them the title of “writer.” You can make their writing space more interesting by getting them something to spruce up the walls with. Get them something that matches their interests, goes with their decor, or simply provides something interesting to look at when their eyes need a break from the laptop screen.

4. Gift cards

If you really don’t know what specific item to get for your writer, then a gift card is always a safe choice, granted that some thought went into what the gift card is for. A gift card to a bookstore is always good, as we’ve already established that most writers love reading. Or, you can even get them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. As the stereotype of writers writing in coffee shops is actually true in many cases, they will probably love having a few weeks’ worth of coffee paid for (or at least few days’ worth, for those not-so-uncommon, caffeine addicted writers.)

5. A mini Zen garden

Writing can be stressful, so why not help keep your writer sane by getting them a nice, relaxing, mini Zen garden? After writing thousands of words while trying furiously to meet a deadline, drawing nice little designs in the sand with a tiny rake could begin to help them unwind. It could also impress upon them some Zen teachings about slowing down and enjoying life in the moment. Or, it could simply provide some momentary relief and fun, which is still something that your writer will be very thankful for.

These gift ideas are really brilliant and wise, so feel free to use one of them, or even all of them. Do you have any other ideas? Share them with us.



Gift Ideas for Writers