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Wake Up Happy Every Day

If you often wake up feeling stressed and miserable, worrying about the events of the previous day or the day ahead, you may want to know a few tricks to […]

Gift Ideas for Writers

Is there a writer in your life that you want to buy the perfect gift for? Then look no further! With just a little bit of thought, you can get […]

DIY Christmas Presents for Your Man

As Christmas is coming fast, the greatest concern for everybody becomes the choice of a present for friends and relatives. But most women are worried so much about gifts for […]

Spend Your Time Wisely

If you haven’t been working for a long time you may feel bad about yourself. When I’m in the same situation, I feel my self-esteem goes down. It’s incredibly hard […]

Get Local Media Coverage for Your Book

Published authors can sometimes have trouble navigating their way through the world of book publicity; however, there are several options for authors, and publicists, to consider when faced with the […]