Good Sports For Girls That Are Fun And Fitness

Good Sports For Girls That Are Fun And Fitness
Good Sports For Girls That Are Fun And Fitness

Good Sports For Girls That Are Fun And Fitness : Given that the barriers of gender stereotypes are being broken down, it is not a surprise that women have entered into different sports be it at the amateur level or the professional level. One of the main contributing factors of this positive change is due to the change at the younger ages.

Sports improve a lot of skills that are necessary to do well academically. Excluding the numerous health benefits, girls who play sports also tend to have higher goal-setting capabilities and develop teamwork which is necessary to achieve these goals.

The anatomy of girls and boys are different, making certain sports for girls more advantageous and beneficial than others. Here is a cherry-picked list according to sportsavis team the top 6 good sports for girls.

  • Swimming

    Swimming has probably the best health-benefit to risk-of-injury ratio considering all other sports. It is an amazing form of exercise that can keep girls overall stamina and general fitness at optimum levels. Swimming has also proven to be very effective in reducing body fat and preventing obesity. Not to mention, swimming is simply a very fun and rewarding sport to indulge in With all the possible benefits of swimming, it is an apt addition to this list of good sports for girls.

  • Gymnastics

    Girls have always excelled in gymnastics and have become spearheads in the sport with the pinnacle being competing at the Olympics and beyond. The main benefit of practicing gymnastics is the fact that it improves coordination and overall grace. You don’t even have to leave the house to improve, you can get some wood and make your own balance beam or practice your tumbling on an AirTrack mat. Improved grace and coordination will significantly boost a girl’s confidence and also help develop teamwork in the process.

  • Rollerblading

    Rollerblading has found recent popularity in girls and for good reason. Due to the anatomical structure of the female gender, the fat tends to get stored in the hands and legs. Rollerblading is a sport that works the arms and legs to a great extent which induces fat loss in those areas. It improves balance and helps maintain weight to a great extent. Studies have shown that one hour of skating at 20mph could result in about 400-500 calories being burnt. Rollerblading also improves muscle endurance that is especially beneficial for girls. The benefits of rollerblading also help improve general posture which can prevent osteoporosis at later stages. That your need to know a best rollerblades for women go to the right place.

  • Soccer

    Girls have taken up this sport and shown that they can perform at the same level or better than boys. The USA woman’s football team is a prime example of the success women have found in this sport. Soccer is a sport that improves speed, agility, and increased amounts of stamina. Girls that play soccer as a sport get the health benefits of interval training because of the varying levels of exertion involved with the sport. It is also a wonderful sport for girls to build teamwork and coordination. Soccer is a sport that also improves reflexes to a great extent.

  • Tennis

    With icons such as Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova to look up to, tennis finds its way into this list of good sports for girls. Tennis as a sport for girls has numerous advantages. Firstly, the sport requires intense levels of stamina and is an amazing fat-burner. Playing tennis helps girls improve their metabolic function, aerobic capacities, and bone density. It also helps to tone the muscles and adds considerable strength to it. Similar to soccer, it too acts an amazing form of interval training that will help to keep the body in-check both physically and mentally.

  • Baseball

    Empowering a girl will require to build an element of strength and toughness, and baseball is a sport that builds all that and more Along with skills such as focus, perseverance, and hard work, girls learn to stand their ground and get tough wherever necessary Gone are the days where girls are considered to be weak and delicate. An added advantage that this sport has over contact sports like football and basketball is the fact that the chance of injury is less when compared.


All the above-mentioned sports are good for both girls and boys but can be more useful to girls when compared. Exercise, in general, is essential for healthy living and playing sports is a fun, interesting and rewarding way to achieve it Regular exercise and sports should be part of a daily routine to counter the unhealthy lifestyles and their adverse consequences that plague are world these days.






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Good Sports For Girls That Are Fun And Fitness

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