Great Reasons Giving to Others Makes Us Happy

Helping people in need can give you a sense of making someone happy, a sense of sharing and a sense of satisfaction. I’m not telling you to give all your money to those in need. It could be anything from giving a candy to small children to helping someone pay for medicine! The more you give, the more you get. Check out some reasons why giving to others makes us happy.

Great Reasons Giving to Others Makes Us Happy

1. Makes other people happy

Making other people happy is one of the best reasons to give. When you give, you get a happy face and a beautiful smile. If you give something to a small child she/he might even hug you. This is amazing feeling!

2. Gives you feeling of satisfaction

Give a person in need generously or feed a hungry fellow. It’s not only giving off your possessions, it’s giving off your love and affection that may fill your heart with a sense of joy and satisfaction. Helping your parents, friends or coworkers in their time of need will also satisfy your heart and bring a smile.

3. Helps you bond with other people

Giving others will help you bond with other people. It may be your family or strangers. Helping an old woman cross the road, buying a cake for a poor person on his birthday or helping your neighbor to pick up dry leaves from the porch will bond you with them. And all these will bring joy and happiness.

4. Gives you a sense of sharing

If a person doesn’t share, he/she becomes selfish. Mothers always try to teach their children to share because they know that sharing will make their children selfless and that will play a great role in the community later in their life. Selfless people will never feel that they have lost something in their life and this will make them really happy.

5. It can awaken you spiritually

Giving others will awaken you spiritually since you let off the inhibition of your ‘self’ and start helping others. This is a kind of happiness you’re eventually set out to seek. Giving will leave you happier, healthier and full of energy. Try to help others as often as possible!

6. Enhances self belief and confidence

Giving others will make you confident and make you believe in your own self. It will also make you feel that you have enough to give others. It might be love, help, possession, care, a talk or knowledge. For instance, a talk between you and your friend to solve a problem might be a good way of giving that might be beneficial to both of you and bring happiness.

Do you like helping other people? Do you know any other reasons why giving to others makes us happy?



Great Reasons Giving to Others Makes Us Happy