Have The Mirror Effect In Your Life

A mirror is an object with at least one polished and therefore reflective surface. We commonly use it for personal grooming. Why so? Before we go to the world, we wish to ensure that we are perfect and if any shortcoming is still there, we try to make up and if not able to do so in time, we make up our mind how to cover up the shortcoming. Mostly we arrange self empowerment to meet the gap.
People, whose personalities and actions tend to push us the most towards the wall, are generally our greatest teachers. These individuals serve as our mirrors and teach us what needs to be revealed about ourselves. Seeing what we don’t like in others, helps us look deeper inside ourselves for similar traits and challenges that need healing, balancing, or changing.

When someone is first asked to understand that an irritating person is merely offering him a mirror image of himself, he will strongly resist this idea. Rather, he will argue that he is not the angry, violent, depressed, guilt-ridden, critical, or complainer person that his mirror/teacher is reflecting. The problem lies with the other person, right? Wrong, not even by a long shot. It would be convenient if we could always place the blame on the other person, but this is not always so easy. First ask yourself “If the problem truly is the other fellow’s and not my own then why does being around that person affect me so negatively?”

We must put ourselves in front of our mirrors which may reflect:

1. Our Shortcomings

Because character flaws, weaknesses, etc. are more easily seen in others than in ourselves our mirrors help us to be able to see our short comings more clearly.

2. Magnified Pictures

Mirroring is often used to magnify to enhance getting our attention. What we see is enhanced to look larger than actual size. So, we won’t overlook the message, making sure we get the big picture. For example: Although you are not even close to being the overbearing critical type of character that your mirror is reflecting, seeing this behaviour in your mirror will help you see how your nit-picking habits are not serving you.

3. Repressed Emotions

Our mirrors will often reflect emotions that we have comfortably repressed over time. Seeing someone else display unleashed similar emotions may very well touch on our stuffed feelings to help bring them to the surface for balancing/healing.
4. Relationship Mirrors

Our family, friends, and co-workers don’t recognize the mirroring roles they are acting out for us at a conscious level. Nonetheless, it is no coincidence that we are conjoined within our family units and our relationships to learn from one another. Our family members (parents, children, siblings) often play major roles of mirroring for us. This is because it is more difficult for us to run and hide from them. Besides, avoiding our mirrors is non-productive because, sooner or later, a bigger mirror will appear to present, perhaps in a different way, exactly what you are trying to avoid.

5. Repeating Mirror Reflections

Ultimately, by avoiding a particular person, we hope that our lives will be less stressful, but it doesn’t necessarily work out that way. Why do you suppose some people tend to attract partners with similar issues (alcoholics, abusers, cheaters, etc.) repeatedly? If we succeed at getting away from a person without learning what we need to know from the relationship we can expect to meet up with another person who will very soon reflect the same image upon us. Now a second opportunity will surface for us to take inventory of our issues. And if not then, a third, and so forth until we get the big picture and begin the process of change/acceptance.

6. Shifting Our Perspectives

When we are confronted with a personality that we find bothersome or uncomfortable to be around it can be a challenge to comprehend that it is offering us a grand opportunity to learn about ourselves. By shifting our perspectives and attempting to understand what our teachers are showing us in their mirror reflections we can begin to take baby steps toward accepting or healing those wounded and fragmented parts within ourselves. As we learn what we need to do and adjust our lives accordingly, our mirrors will change. People will come and go from our lives, as we will always attract new mirror images for us to look at as we progress.

7. Serving as Mirrors for Others

We also serve as mirrors for others without consciously realizing it. We are both students and teachers in this life. Knowing this will make you wonder what types of lessons you are offering others by your actions each day. But that is the flip side of the mirroring concept. For now you may try to focus on your own reflections and what the people in your current circumstances are trying to teach you.

8. Arranging Self-Empowerment

Like all universal truths, self-empowerment can be understood at many levels, and peeled endlessly like a cosmic onion, Self-empowerment is usually linked with a claiming of your creator-hood – a state of being wherein you realise that you shape your reality, moment-to-moment, through your recurring thoughts and feelings. At deeper levels we understand that this power of manifestation only a by-product, much like producing alcohol while manufacturing sugar.

True self-empowerment lies deeper, in the acknowledgement that you life plans, what you may perhaps call destiny, are wilfully chosen by you for your highest goal and growth towards certain experience or learning, towards expansion of self and disempowerment of the limiting aspects within that self. No matter how challenging these may appear, it is by your true free will that you choose you so-called destiny. Self-empowerment means self-responsibility. Where you comprehend that everything outside of you, which you view as you life or world, is but a reflection of the inner you; there is nothing in your exterior that is not in your interior; you are the cause and the outer is only its effect.

Self-empowerment leads to the profound understanding that there is no other than you. at first you go through a sense of consternation because there is no one to blame – no person, event or thing, neither fate, nor God that you can hold responsible for your life events, because everything comes back full circle to you. It soon dawns on you that if you are wholly responsible for creating your life then you are empowered to enhance it, too. You are not hostage to situations, people, and things outside your self; the point of power is within you and in the now. Blame, judgment, non-forgiveness, fluctuations between feeling the aggressor or victim all start to recede rapidly as you begin to view self as the source of everything outside you. This brings us to another layer of that cosmic onion and the realisation that self-empowerment is claiming your creatorhood yes, but at tripartite levels – your personal realities (relationships, careers), the environment (country, political, educational systems), and your world.

The concept of mirrors asks you to view your life and world as your reflection. If you are joyous and loving it will reflect that; if
you are filled with doubt and anger it is what you will see in the mirror. Just as you cannot manipulate the reflection in the mirror, you cannot change your world from the outside. This helps you reinforce that all patterns and recurring situations need to be addressed within; otherwise the future is only a mishmash of the past.

The creator within you is in your belief system; because it is through your recurring thoughts and feelings and focus that you manifest physical life. You live in what is called a vibrating universe and everything you see and don’t see is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Visualize that the field of pure energy surrounding you is your raw material with your beliefs impinging on it; and as critical mass is reached these beliefs become the physical tangibles you call your life or world.

Claim you creator-hood. Take responsibility for you life and world. Know that you create moment-to-moment through your feelings, at tripartite levels, and that there is no one other than you. your life and world is your mirror.

Be Happy – Have The Mirror Effect In Your Life.