Welcome Changes in Your Life

If we deeply study our economic activities, we would find that they can be divided into four parts and all of us belong to one or more categories definitely. The four parts can be named as Employees’ Section, Self Employed persons’ Section, Businessmen’s section and investors’ section. The recent recession had shocked, more or less, every one of us. But there is some recovery and we hope that with the lessons given by this recession, we would grow up stronger. And that possibility is possible only if we accept the changes in our life more willingly.
Some time, such changes seem to us intimidating like during our school days, we found our first day. Since schooling was for our betterment, we adjusted ourselves in the new environment. Such issues might have surfaced when some of us had to shift to the colleges for higher education. Once again, there had been changes and we had to adjust ourselves. In a new place or country, we do not find the dishes of our choice easily. We have to relish with what is available and after some time, we try to dig out if those dishes which were favourite in our native town are available somewhere in the new country. We do it to get ourselves adjusted.

Up to the year 2008, we all were happy with our fat salary packets, if some of us are employees. In 2009, our salary packets faced some deductions or some of us faced retrenchment, restructuring of salaries or redeployment – we had to accept them. The year 2008 was rewarding, 2009 had been rather challenging and this year 2010, we feel, should be promising and optimistic.

There is a change. Changes are for our betterment, we may welcome them with positive note. It is a pleasant process although most of us may like to remain in our comfort zone. If we do not change, if we do not wish to learn the lessons what the year 2009 gave opportunity to go through, we may again be put to more embarrassing conditions. If we take into the last decade, there was a good progress achieved in almost every area of functioning – the employees got good progress, fancy designations and huge incentives. But last year, the employers resorted to make quick fixes and took some more strong measures like lay offs, pay revisions, rationalization and cost cuts.

With the world economy reviving, we can take some cool sigh but as employees, we must forget the mentality of entitlements as the employers now wish more output every time – the emotional attachment has reduced itself when there is stiff competition and some realistic approach is required to be adopted. As employers, we must remember that we must care for the interests of the employees to ensure that our infrastructure is used to the maximum extent. If you team up with good and sincere employees, your profits are bound to go up.

Keeping the juniors appraised positively by sharing the real challenges the organization faces in the work environment, providing them with the motivation to ride the tough wave and equipping them with the tools to deal with the rough weather are a few tasks which must be looked into by the all seniors in every set up. This would build up fighting spirit and may lead to present an accountability process at each point for healthy conclusion for the achievement of the aims of the teams. For that you may have to undergo some changes in your attitude – accept it. The change would always be in betterment of our interests.

It is normal human practice that we do not accept the changes very smoothly – we would prefer to remain in our comfort zone. If anyhow we do accept, we would like to know how the change may bring better results for us. How would they affect our remuneration, work schedules, amenities, training patterns, reporting stations etc.? They must be addressed to well. But sometime, some changes do not serve individual interests but they bring about more prosperity to the organization as a whole which can be shared by all members. We can look upon the changes through this angel too.

We can make an introspection of ourselves to adopt a change. First, what kind of man are we? Do we resist every change? Or do we examine effect of every change before putting out our comments? Are we open to accept the changes being implemented gradually? Or can we take drastic action to reverse if we find that some process is harmful to be carried out further? It is true that different people react differently to a single change whether that is concerned with automation, change of plant, process, location or methods of working/reporting etc.. As team spirit, we have to reconcile with each and every member of the team. To succeed, we must understand that it is imperative to know why the change is required, when it is required and how that change is expected to bring about the result expected. What results may we expect if such changes are effected immediately or gradually? We should like to be sensitive and realistic to the situation, to ensure sustainability and delivery of the results without any resistance from all corners. We may think, think and think over repeatedly before arriving at some decision. And if some decision is arrived at, we must support it with all the hearts and souls’ support.

Now, there is a need to sharpen our knowledge, our existing skills for diversification and/or additions and ready to accept extra work loads horizontally and vertically. The end results would bring about the prosperity more, which has been snatched by the year 2009. Since change is inevitable and there is no way we can escape. We should welcome it. After all, it is the permanent feature of our life.

Be Happy – Welcome Changes in Your Life