Heart Disease in Women: 5 Helpful Tips to avoid it

Heart Disease in Women: 5 Helpful Tips to avoid it : Research suggests that most women suffer from cardiovascular diseases compared to any other disease known to humankind. And this same statistic further states that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death among women worldwide.

Near about 1 in every 5 American women suffers from some cardiovascular disease, and it is high time we must educate ourselves and others on this topic. We all must unite and fight this cause so that no more people are affected by this deadly problem every year. And no lives are lost due to this.

What exactly are cardiovascular diseases?

Cardiovascular diseases consist of a group of abnormalities in your body related to your blood vessels and heart. And we all know, our heart is probably the most critical organ in our body. And even a slight problem there can create a vast difference between life and death. Some of the diseases that are included in this category are:-

  1. Peripheral heart problem
  2. Coronary heart problem
  3. Rheumatic heart problem
  4. Cerebrovascular problem
  5. Congenital heart problem
  6. Pulmonary embolism
  7. Deep vein thrombosis etc

Reading the names itself sends a chill down the spine, so imagine suffering from these. And these diseases being the primary cause of death among women raises concern, and we all must take preventive measures and step forward in educating the world more about cardiovascular health.

Five helpful tips to have a great Cardiovascular health

We all have heard the phrase, “Prevention is better than cure.” And indeed it is. Life has much more meaning than suffering from diseases. So, take a step forward, promise yourself that you will not compromise with your health from now. And always put your cardiovascular health interest over anything. And the most significant point is that you don’t even have to do anything extraordinary to save yourself from a heart attack! No significant lifestyle changes, no personality changes. Just a few tweaks here and there, and you are good to go and enjoy your life.

Some of the tips that you can follow to reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease are:-

  • Know your risk

    No one will know about your body more than yourself. So, make sure you know every risk factor and abnormalities that are there inside you. Many people often suffer from problems and do not know about them till it’s very late. Not everything is visible on your body, but you can always try to be more informed about yourself. Few problems like:-

    • high cholesterol
    • high blood pressure
    • diabetes
    • any genetic disorders etc
      are pretty challenging to know until and unless you see the first signs of abnormality. You can either do regular health checkups or prevent yourself from making these already existing problems more severe in these cases.
  • Keep yourself healthy-Do exercise

    One of the biggest problems people suffer from bad cardiovascular health is not exercising their bodies even once a week. In a world where Information technology has taken over almost everything, we hardly move from our seats in the whole day. A personal computer/laptop is all we need to do our job. But in this busy corporate world, we forget about our health and focus more on wealth.

    It is not acceptable. You must exercise regularly to remain fit and live those extra years that god has given you. Go for a walk in the evening or run around the park in the morning. Do yoga or join a gym. We have a plethora of choices when it comes to exercise but still choose not to.

  • Know more about heart problems and remember the symptoms

    Read more about cardiovascular health and educate yourself more on this. Too much knowledge never kills anyone, so make use of the internet well, visit blogs or websites like MDforlives, etc. Read the articles and make yourself familiar with symptoms that are often seen in heart patients. You never know where your extra knowledge may come into use, and you may actually save a life or two and become the actual superhero we need.

  • Smoking kills!

    From the companies themselves to doctors and advertisements, everyone has one common thing. And that is they all say “smoking kills!”. But still, people smoke and take their life on a path they don’t want to be once the difficult times start. If you are a smoker, be it regular or once in a fortnight type, please stop it. Take preventive measures and stop doing what you are doing with your health. Take smoking patches or visit doctors to take care of this bad habit but do it asap and become an idol for others trying to leave this bad habit.

  • Eat healthily, stay healthily to have an excellent cardiovascular health

    It is probably the easiest thing to do. No, we are not asking you to leave those tasty calories forever. All we are asking is, reduce the number of times that you happen to eat outside. Once a month or maybe one every fortnight is still considerable, but eating out almost every day or twice every 3-4 days is a habit that you want to remove right now. Go for leafy vegetables whenever you see them. Start taking more calories from veggies and less from junk food. There is a reason those foods are called “junk food “because they do nothing but store “junk” in your body, which is known as “fat,” which only increases the problems. Keep in mind that you’re not going to be able to get all the nutrients you need from just food alone, so you’ll also want to consider taking the best supplements for heart health, in addition to the healthy foods you eat.


The most significant step that we can all do is educate ourselves and others more on this issue. Blogs and websites like MDforlives are some of the top websites where you can find information related to cardiovascular health and information on other things. From regular health topics to some of the most complex ones, you will find everything there. In the end, your health is your wealth. And it is up to you how you manage your wealth.







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