Here Is How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships

Here Is How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships : Is someone you know and love suffering from drug addiction? If so, you can rest assured that person is certainly not alone in their struggles. In fact, studies reveal that nearly 1 in 7 American adults will suffer from a form of substance abuse throughout their lifetime.

There’s no denying that drug addiction has the potential to overtake and control every aspect of one’s life. Unfortunately, it’s often the addict’s relationships that suffer the most. This may include friends, family, loved ones and even everyday people throughout that person’s daily life. And, while somewhere like this Sunshine Behavioral Health Austin rehabilitation facility is ready and able to help them, they may not feel like they are in a position, or even want, to seek treatment and start the road to recovery from this addiction.

If either yourself or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, you’re going to want to read this. Today, we’re sharing our guide on how drug addiction affects relationships that are present in one’s life.

  1. Trust Issues

    We’ve heard it many times before that a relationship without trust is bound to fail. In fact, relationship experts have found that trust is considered to be the most important factor in an intimate relationship.

    Unfortunately, trust issues are an incredibly common result of drug addiction. When an individual is suffering from drug addiction, it’s almost impossible for trust issues not to arise between the addict and the people in their life.

    In most cases of drug addiction, secrecy, lies, and deception continue to present themselves. As a result, that initial foundation of trust continues to erode and may even eventually lack existence.

    Once that sense of trust is lost, it’s incredibly hard for that person to maintain their relationships throughout their addiction.

  2. Secrecy and Alienation

    When an addict is under the influence of drugs, it’s common for that person to prefer being alone.

    In being alone, that person remains in a safe space where they are free of judgment or accusations. This state of loneliness is where an addict feels most comfortable and able to be that version of themselves. Here, they can remain in what feels like secrecy with their addiction.

    Unfortunately, this person experiences a loss of interest in being around friends, family and loved ones. When an addict does face the people in their lives, they often practice lies and deception in efforts to fool those around them.

    For a couple, this lack of time spent together and the notion of secrecy begins to add up. When this takes place, the couple will begin to feel alienated from one another as well as a strong sense of distance between one another.

  3. A Shift in Priorities

    When an individual is suffering from drug addiction, it’s normal for the people and things in their life to take a backseat. Unfortunately, one of the most significant impacts of this change falls onto that person’s relationships.

    While a partner or family member may once have been the number one priority, this is likely to shift with drug addiction. Instead, the number one priority transitions to the drug itself.

    Getting drugs and achieving a high suddenly becomes the most important consideration in their life. As a result, their relationships are no longer receiving the necessary attention and care that are crucial to a relationship.

  4. An Emotional Roller-coaster

    When an individual is addicted to drugs, their emotions often mimic a roller-coaster: happy-go-lucky one minute and angry and depressed the next.

    This makes it incredibly difficult for those that live alongside someone suffering from addiction. While one minute that person may be cheerful and content, the next minute they may be down and irritable.

    This emotional roller-coaster makes it challenging for partners, friends and family members to be in the presence of that person. While attempting to enjoy the happy moments, these individuals also live in fear of what may come next.

    This emotional roller-coaster alone may be responsible for draining the relationship. Without having a stable mental state, it’s almost impossible for two partners to co-exist together and maintain a healthy relationship.

  5. Financial Issues

    One aspect of drug addiction that is rarely discussed is the financial impact that it has on both the addict as well as their family.

    In many cases, that individual becomes entirely concentrated on feeding their addiction. As a result, they develop a sense of apathy in utilizing or even stealing communal finances to feed that addiction.

    Between a couple that shares finances mutually, it’s easy to see how this can become a significant issue. Money that was once being spent on expenses such as rent and bills are now being spent on drugs. As a result, the trust may be lost between the two parties while further issues arise.

  6. Anger and Abuse

    One of the most traumatizing effects that drug addiction may have on a relationship is domestic violence.

    When an addict is using drugs, they’re more likely to experience elevated feelings of anger, resentment, and irritability. This is especially the case when they are actively using but unable to get their fix at that moment.

    From here, those emotions have the potential to explode and result in instances of domestic violence. When drugs are involved, even small disagreements can quickly transition into a physical episode.

    If signs of abuse begin to present themselves, it may be time to get help. While traditional rehab options do exist, there are other options that utilize a different approach. For example, treatment programs such as Brainspark Health use a holistic protocol to reduce drug cravings and strive toward a sober lifestyle.

    This makes it easier for those that need help but are resisting a traditional rehab approach.

How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships

In today’s day and age, the majority of research on drug addiction is related to how it affects that person both mentally and physically. In comparison, very little research is dedicated to the relationships that suffer as a result.

When a person is addicted to drugs, it’s almost impossible for that addiction not to impact that person’s relationships. As a result, it’s challenging for those suffering from addiction to maintain relationships that are healthy and happy.

If you find yourself nodding your head, allow our guide on how drug addiction affects relationships to help you. While it’s certainly not easy, in this article we helped you to make the most of your relationships with someone that is suffering from drug addiction.

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