When Do You know It’s Time To Get Help?

When Do You know It’s Time To Get Help? Everyone does it, right? Everyone gets so drunk sometimes that they can’t remember where they put their keys the next day. Or their car, for that matter… Maybe. But how do you know when it’s gone too far? How do you know when it’s gone from Friday night fun to something more serious, like alcohol abuse or addiction? How do you know when it’s time to get help? Read below to begin understanding alcohol treatment with Amethyst.

Let’s Get Serious

Before going to far, you should understand that at times, alcohol consumption can become a life threatening situation. If you begin noticing these symptoms in someone, you should immediately call 911:

  • vomiting
  • seizures
  • slow breathing
  • irregular breathing
  • blue tinged or pale skin
  • low body temperature
  • unconsciousness

You can find more information for alcohol poisoning at this link

Do I have a “problem?”

No one wants to ask that question. But it’s an important question to ask. And honestly, you’re pretty awesome if your putting in the will power and courage to ask that question of yourself. Seriously. This is important stuff we’re talking about here. As seen above, alcohol consumption can become a life threatening situation. Alcohol poisoning can seem extreme. But there are long term health risks too:

  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • cancer
  • mental health problems

Just to name a few. Check out a more complete list here

Signs and Symptoms

There are some tell tale signs that fun Friday night drinking has morphed into alcohol abuse. Such as when the following occurs:

  • Consumption interferes with work/school
  • memory loss
  • accidents

While the above are symptoms of alcohol abuse, symptoms for alcohol addiction include:

  • person can no longer control how much or when he/her drinks
  • the need to take in more alcohol to get the same buzz
  • withdrawal symptoms occur when drinking stops
  • drinking becomes the main focus of life

You can check out a more complete list for both alcohol abuse and addiction by following this link

It’s Time

If you notice the symptoms for alcohol abuse or addiction in yourself or another person, it’s time to seek out help. It’s a difficult process. Where do you star? An article from the South Florida Reporter offers the following suggestions:

  • Ask more to know more
  • Have an open mind
  • Connect with others
  • Accept and Commit

Follow this link in order to read the article for yourself.

Strong You

Kicking addiction is hard. But you’re stronger than the addiction. It takes great strength to take the steps that you have already taken in order to seek out information about alcohol abuse and addiction. You CAN do this.



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When Do You know It’s Time To Get Help?