Home Remedies That Can Elevate Varicose Veins

Home Remedies That Can Elevate Varicose Veins : Do you have swollen veins that cause a throbbing sensation or muscle cramps in your feet? This could be the spider veins condition causing swellings on the feet and ankles in some adults. Spider veins may cause dry and itchy skin, which appears thinner over the veins.

Although you can opt for home remedies to deal with spider veins in Evergreen Park, consulting an expert is recommended. Read on to learn the spider veins remedies that might work for your condition.


Exercising can improve the spider veins’ condition as it leads to better blood circulation in the limbs. Better circulation might push blood that is collected on the veins. Additionally, exercising might lower your blood pressure which could be a contributing factor to the varicose veins. Low-strain exercise might be effective for the calf muscles. You can start slow and increase the intensity as you feel more comfortable. Some of the low-impact exercises include swimming, cycling, yoga, and walking.

Use Compression Stockings

When you suffer from varicose veins, blood might collect on the veins. The compression stockings aid the muscles and move blood to the heart. You can find compression stockings in the pharmacy near you and use them to apply pressure on the feet. Knee-high compression stockings are very effective as it compresses the veins effectively reducing the aching and pain associated with varicose veins.

Use Plant Extracts and Dietary Plans

Horse chestnut and sea pine extracts reduce leg pain, heaviness, and itchiness of chronic varicose veins. Additionally, you may include dietary changes which reduce the varicose veins symptoms. You may consider cutting the amount of sodium in your food as it causes water retention in your body. Moreover, food such as almonds, lentils, potatoes, leafy vegetables, and fatty fish contain high potassium, elevating varicose vein symptoms. Food like nuts, oats, and whole grains have high fiber and might help with weight management, reducing the varicose veins symptoms.

Eat Flavonoids

Flavonoids shrink varicose veins and improve blood circulation, which keeps the blood flowing in your veins, reducing the likelihood of water retention. Vegetables, citrus fruits, cocoa, and garlic contain flavonoids that might help elevate blood circulation.

Wear Non-Restrictive Clothing

Tight-fitting clothes can reduce the blood flow from the legs to the upper parts of the body. Your circulation might be improved with loose-fitting clothing that does not restrict blood flow from the lower limbs. Flat shoes instead of high heels might help with varicose legs.

Elevate Your Legs When Resting

You can keep the legs above the rest of the body when resting, ideally the same height as your heart, to elate varicose veins. Elevated legs might reduce gravity and help blood flow smoothly.


Varicose veins might result from loose vein valves and low blood pressure, leading to blood pools on the veins. You could use some home remedies to cope with varicose veins. Some of the remedies include elevating your feet when resting and eating healthy meals, including plant extracts and flavonoids. Moreover, you may wear non-restrictive clothing, which promotes better blood flow. Good luck in finding the remedies that can work for your condition.






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Home Remedies That Can Elevate Varicose Veins

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