How are the technologies affecting our health – Is it Good or Bad?

How are the technologies affecting our health – Is it Good or Bad? Honestly speaking, somehow a person is himself in charge of the good and bad that happens to him. On the other hand, this is also true that every innovation comes with its good and bad effects. Things that benefit us have the equal ability to harm us however it’s on us how much we let that technology take over us.

A human being is the creator of the technologies surviving today and in the past, no other creature can better understand its system. If you want to know, are the technologies affecting our health, let me clear with a few points. Technology was made with the only purpose to serve human beings and make their lives easy. Somehow if it turned out devastatingly, humans are entirely responsible for this.

Technologies were developed, the experts wanted to give peace of mind to people. Their intention was never to make people lazy. But it happened anyway.  Besides, technology was made to comfort but it aggressively took control of us. It’s hard to decide if we are bound to technology or technology is bound to us.

Many of us have smart home controls, video game systems, healthcare and fitness apps and digital learning tools. We are associated with technology in our lives. From waking up into the morning to the night when we go to rest, we are sustaining to our mobile phones. Television, video games, laptops, technology has made us survived till yet, it is hard to live without technology now. People are so consumed with the use of technology that they sometimes forget to live in the real world. They are living their all life virtually and social media increasing apps are a big reason for this. It is stated, eighty percent of millennials’ smartphones never leave their side. 80% of the people check their smartphones in the morning as the first thing to do and 88% use the camera on their smartphone weekly.

There was a time when people woke up to do meditation, had fresh air and spent a good time with their families. Unlike today the nearer you feel like farthest you have gone. Everybody is so busy on their smartphones they do not notice the people near them instead they are more concerned with the ones on social media.

Technology has affected our health very badly. From head to toe, nothing is in order. This creates depression and then becomes a cure for depression. People who get their eyesight weak on the excess use of technology are looking for its cure on the same device. We don’t have a clue now. Our lives are so packed up with this that we hardly get time out of this. Even if we try to come out, we can’t.

Technology is affecting our health physically

Technology has affected our health drastically. Physically, mentally and emotionally. The individuals are at great risk; they may experience sleep problems, eyestrain, hearing loss, neck and back strain. A person who sits and works all day on the screen and when he goes back home uses some kind of device for fun and relaxation purposes is especially at high risk. The absence of physical movements in the body like, walking, swimming, running or games that include most of the body movement can lead to stiff muscles and muscle aches will begin in the body at a very early stage. Such activities help balance a day and fight the negative effects occurring in the body with the extended use of technology. Moreover, your arm muscles can freeze as they are staying in the same position for hours, hardly getting a rest for 5 minutes. Studies explained that body movement is necessary, or you will suffer at your old age.

Technology is affecting our health mentally

The person who is sticking around the technology is creating the risks of shortening attention spans, he may suffer from memory loss and that also contributes to anxiety. They have very little or no emotional intelligence and might become mentally sick. The use of screen-based devices will allow the person to save the contents within itself and the person will shortly lose their ability to remember things. He will pay less attention to the world outside his device and his communication skills will be reduced to zero. Though he will become depressed, as it’s a nature of a human to talk to people and live their lives sometimes outside of the routine and when they will not follow the basic routine, their minds become sick and eventually these people fall into depression. Although it is appreciated to be hardworking it is better to break your routine. Put aside your mobile phone and see the world outside the technology, the outside world is far more beautiful than that.

Technology is affecting our health emotionally

Did you look at the robot? You give it the instructions and he has to do it. The same way people are making themselves a robot into the hands of technologies. Feeling-less, emotionless and maybe fearless. When you don’t see an emotion how do you feel it? People sitting on the screen cannot share the same amount of emotions as two people do while sitting with each other, sharing the warmth of their love and care and doing things with sincerity unlike the screen that shares the voice and picture and that can be fake too. Today, teenagers are more likely to become the victim of online fake people. That attracts these young generations. Over half of teens are today the victims of bullying. That includes rumors about one, sharing unattractive or sensitive pictures, texting unkind messages and pretending to be someone else hurting another person’s feelings. It may lead to depression, anxiety and suicide. Bullying can never just go away, it sticks to a person’s life forever and resurface them later.


While technology is affecting our health physically, mentally, and emotionally there’s one more way technology is affecting us and in a bad way. With the technology growing everyday there’s a higher risk and higher radiation which affect our health, especially our mental health. We don’t even know but these radiations are always around us coming out from our Cell phones, Wi-Fi devices, Laptops and many more. But thankfully some of our humans have found a way to protect ourselves from these harmful radiations. Devices like Somavedic and Qi-Sheild do a great job in blocking those harmful EMF radiations which affect our health not just physically but mentally as well. Study has proven that these devices helps you sleep better and make you more active throughout the day. And not only the devices, but you can also use the special crystals or stones to protect yourself. You can wear them as a necklace, or carve them in your rings. There is also many options for wifi radiation blockers for safety throughout your home and business.


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How are the technologies affecting our health – Is it Good or Bad?

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