How Can I Tell My Cat Is Pregnant

How Can I Tell My Cat Is Pregnant
How Can I Tell My Cat Is Pregnant

How Can I Tell My Cat Is Pregnant : Cat pregnancy is especially tricky for an inexperienced owner whose cat is pregnant for the first time, especially if the animal has free access to the street. From 5-6 months old, you should be on the alert because it is early that a cat can start the estrus cycle.

But it is too early to let such a young animal get pregnant. Otherwise, there can be many problems: a prolonged birth and the appearance of weak offsprings.

The owner of a cat over five months old needs to monitor her behavior and exclude her from encountering individuals of the opposite sex. But after a year and a half, one should not resist nature since the cat’s body is ready for successful mating, fertilization, pregnancy, and childbirth. In this article, you will determine which stages of cat labor are, how to feed cats during and after work, and even how to understand your cat being pregnant.

Early Signs of Pregnancy in a Cat

No matter how much the owner wants to find out if the cat is pregnant, in the first days after mating, you won’t be able to do it. The very early signs will manifest themselves at least a week after contact with the cat:

  • At the initial stage of pregnancy, a cat may experience toxicosis, which can decrease appetite and vomiting in the morning. Usually, an unpleasant condition lasts no more than 10-14 days and passes by 3-4 weeks of pregnancy;
  • Change in color of the nipples, which become pink and slightly swollen, enlarged, especially in young cats;
  • Drowsiness and apathy. Against the background of a change in the hormonal environment, the pet sleeps most of the time or lies calmly, refusing to spend active time.

Later Symptoms of a Cat’s Pregnancy

Later Symptoms of a Cat's Pregnancy
Later Symptoms of a Cat’s Pregnancy

The above symptoms of pregnancy are observed at 1-3 weeks of pregnancy. And already from 4 weeks, the owner can find the following changes that occur with the animal: [2]

  • Increased appetite and weight gain. As a rule, in the middle of pregnancy, the cat is not tormented by nausea, on the contrary, the pet wants to eat more than usual, resulting in more significant weight;
  • The stomach begins to grow, which is not associated with overeating. At this stage, it is essential not to harm the animal, trying to palpate to determine the presence of kittens in the feline womb;
  • The cat again becomes active, likes to walk in the air, sometimes play, but usually does not allow cats to come to her;
  • Enhanced swelling of the nipples. If a change in the nipple shade and a slight swelling are signs of pregnancy in cats in the early stages, then at 4-6 weeks the mammary glands of the animal increase in size especially noticeably;

The behavior of the pregnant cat is changing. A previously calm and peaceful animal can be aggressive towards other pets, even the owner often annoys her. But an angry cat in usual times can turn into an obedient and quiet animal. Do not be scared, because the situation is in hormonal adjustment.

Apparent Signs of late Pregnancy

Apparent Signs of late Pregnancy
Apparent Signs of late Pregnancy

If at the beginning and middle of pregnancy, the owner of the cat may still have doubts about the imminent appearance of kittens, then from 7-8 weeks everything is clear:

  • The pet begins the pacification period. The cat rarely leaves the couch. As a rule, she is no longer interested in calls to play;
  • The movements of kittens in the stomach are visible. Besides, babies are felt through the abdominal wall (it is important not to overdo it, injuring unborn kittens);
  • The animal begins to look for a place where the birth will take place. Sometimes a favorite spot for a cat becomes a linen closet, a bed, a mezzanine. And sometimes a pet hides in hard-to-reach areas: under a bed or sofa;

A day or two before giving birth, the future mother of the cat may develop milk. Literally, before childbirth, the animal often begins to meow, breathing heavily (this means that labor will start soon).

Here are perhaps the most apparent signs that make it possible to understand that the cat is pregnant after mating. However, they are not always present. For example, according to advices at ThePets from an associate veterinarian Dr. Chyrle Bonk the beginning of pregnancy, some purrs like to eat, and nausea does not bother them. Others – almost do not gain weight, and the mood and activity of the third do not change.

To accurately determine the pregnancy in the animal, you can consult a doctor. A specialist with 100% certainty will say whether it is worth waiting for kittens shortly.

Afterbirth Tips

If your cat will have kittens, it is essential to monitor its health carefully, including knowing what, when, and how to feed it. As soon as you find out that your cat is pregnant, according to recommendations at WebMD you should create the best conditions for the healthy development of kittens from the first days of life. For this, it is necessary to carefully monitor their mother’s nutrition and feeding regime during pregnancy.

A cat’s pregnancy lasts, on average, about 65 days (61 to 72 days). During the first two-thirds of pregnancy, the animal’s body aims to accumulate fat in preparation for kittens. In the last third of pregnancy, a cat gains weight only due to the growth of the kittens themselves.

A diet rich in fats is the best way to prepare a cat for the birth of kittens and their feeding since such nutrition allows you to provide the cat with the necessary nutrients and increase its weight. However, animal feed intake should be carefully monitored to avoid overweight.

Monitoring the Weight of a cat during Pregnancy

Monitoring the Weight of a cat during Pregnancy
Monitoring the Weight of a cat during Pregnancy

The cat’s weight increases during the first two-thirds of pregnancy, but the weight gain should not exceed 40% of the cat’s healthy weight. Obesity can lead to complications during childbirth and the future – to the development of various diseases. In this regard, the choice of adapted food and adherence to the cat’s feeding regime during pregnancy is necessary to protect the mother and her kittens’ health.

Features of Feeding a Cat during Pregnancy

At the beginning of pregnancy, the cat must be given a fat-fortified food specially designed to support the animal’s body during pregnancy and further promote milk production. VCA Following VCA Animal Hospital transfer the cat to such feed gradually, first mixing it with the previous feed in the ratio of 25% of the news feed and 75% of the last feed. Within 5-7 days, you can increase the percentage of new feed to 100%. Thus, you can reduce the likelihood of digestive disorders that may occur with a sharp transfer of the animal to a news feed. [4]

During pregnancy, the cat’s energy needs to be increased weekly by about 10%. In the final stages of pregnancy, a cat consumes 70% more power than usual. In this regard, the animal needs high-calorie food, which allows it to be saturated in small portions and does not overload the digestive system.

Weigh the cat regularly and adjust the amount of feed it receives if necessary. This will help the animal not gain weight during pregnancy. When feeding, adhere to the usual routine: feeding at certain hours and in a particular place. Provide your cat with constant access to drinking water.

Feeding a Cat after Childbirth

The cat begins to feed the kittens immediately after their birth. She will produce up to a quarter liter of milk per day. This significantly affects the nutritional needs of the cat, which can increase two or three times.

During the feeding, feed the cat without restrictions because, during this period, she needs to eat significantly more than usual. Choose a high-quality, high-calorie feed containing the nutrients and fatty acids your cat needs to produce milk. Upon completion of feeding the offspring, be sure to transfer the cat to everyday food.

It is crucial to keep in contact with the veterinarian. Do not neglect regular examinations: they will make sure that the cat and kittens are healthy. If you are not sure which diet is best for your cat during pregnancy, talk to your doctor about this – he will be happy to help you.





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How Can I Tell My Cat Is Pregnant

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