Why Natural Pain Relievers are Perfect for Women

Why Natural Pain Relievers are Perfect for Women

Everyone should consider natural pain relievers in lieu of pharmaceutical drugs, but this can be especially true for women. The country (and much of the world) is in the midst of an opioid epidemic, but women are more likely than men to use prescription opioids, for longer timeframes, and in higher doses. This is in part due to the fact that women simply experience more chronic pain than men.

In fact, 65 percent of all opioid prescription drugs in the U.S. are for women, and it’s estimated that 40 percent more women than men are long-time opioid users after surgery.

Surgery generally leads to acute, or short-term, pain. This type of pain is exactly what opioids were meant to treat. (Unfortunately, opioids are also regularly prescribed for chronic, long-term pain.) The surgeries for women that are particularly linked to opioid prescriptions include a colectomy, hysterectomy, and rotator cuff repair. Obviously, a colectomy and rotator cuff injury can affect men or women, but women are uniquely getting hysterectomies.

Women in Recovery

Women aren’t the only demographic being prescribed and using opioids at higher and longer rates. Those on Medicaid are also more likely to be prescribed opioids compared to those with private insurance. Since 70 percent of adults on Medicaid are women, it’s no surprise that in this demographic, women are again over-represented. Studies have shown that 40 percent of adults on Medicaid with opioid prescriptions have indications that the drugs are being inappropriately used.

The disparity persists in people with color. The good news is that people of color aren’t as likely to be prescribed opioids as their white counterparts, but that reality is based on bias from the prescribers. However, Native American and Alaska Native women are still the most likely demographic to die from prescription opioids. Opioids have taken the place of heroin for street use, as the effects are similar but much stronger with opioids. Between 2003 – 2012, the number of women using heroin doubled.

Alternative for Pain Relief

It’s clear that women can especially benefit from natural pain relief, side stepping the many risks associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Natural remedies are safer, oftentimes more affordable, and can be used long-term and even for life with no adverse effects. However, it’s still important to store kratom powder and CBD products safely for those who live with children. Even though you can’t “overdose” from CBD and many natural products in a way that is life-threatening or causes long-term effects, it’s still critical to only use natural pain relievers as recommended.

Women and Pain Relief: Beyond Opioids

Of course, most people have used over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications. Just because these pharmaceuticals are safer than opioids doesn’t mean they are completely risk-free. Plenty of common pain relievers can be dangerous with high or continued usage. Many have links to kidney damage. Women are often more inclined to use OTC pain killers because of pain related to menstrual cycles, pregnancy and childbirth, arthritis (which women suffer at a much higher rate than men), and simply the pressure on women to be superwoman and do it all—especially in lockdown.

Having natural pain relief alternatives allows women to regain control of their health. The pharmaceutical industry is relatively new. For thousands of years prior to the advent of these medications, natural remedies were widely used and shared between friends and family.

Unfortunately, the complete domination of the industry has led to this wisdom being lost. Alternative remedies are still available, and there are experts who can help guide you on choosing the best treatment for your needs and pain. Women should work with their doctors and reputable dispensaries to achieve a freedom from medications and get options when it comes to their well-being.







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Why Natural Pain Relievers are Perfect for Women

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  1. Most of the kratom enthusiasts must have heard of the acronym AKA, which abbreviates as American Kratom Association. You must be thinking what does American

    Kratom Association strives to do and for what reasons this organization was initiated.

  2. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32631179/

    Those of us living with painful disease and conditions are done with this narrative. Opioids are safe when used as directed and stored properly. These natural herbs that you suggested have not thus far worked on myself and have done nothing but render me useless and still in pain. Also, keep in mind that opiate pain medications are dirived from the poppy flower. A natural substance.

  3. Please, please, please do some research before publishing an article like this. Prescription opioids are NOT responsible for the current illicit opioid drug OD problem today. If they were, we’d see OD’s going down, but they keep going up. Drugs in and of themselves are not responsible for addiction. Prohibition has never worked. Many, many more people die of cigarettes and alcohol every year, but no one thinks they shouldn’t be legal. By publishing garbage like this, you perpetuate an incorrect theory of the case – in fact, the case had been proven wrong. Think about women in pain who have tried all of the natural treatments you are referring to and all of the other treatments available. According to you, they should just suffer, because it is unethical to do a long-term study of opioid treatment (you’d need a control group that wasn’t treated for their pain for like ten years). I’m all for natural medicines and trying everything else before trying opioids, but do you realize that because of ignorant people like yourself, millions can no longer receive the opioid treatment that was working for them? Our government is prosecuting doctors who are trying to help patients who don’t have other options. Yes, at first they prosecuted pill mill docs, and that was good. Now they are prosecuting doctors who are at the top of their fields and have received awards for their work.

    And don’t get the started on this – “The disparity persists in people with color. The good news is that people of color aren’t as likely to be prescribed opioids as their white counterparts, but that reality is based on bias from the prescribers.”. Do you realize how racist that is? It’s good that WOC can’t receive treatment due to bias? I’d call you a bad name right now but I’m trying to keep this serious.

    Please do some reading (I’ve attached links) and then come back and apologize to all women of color and to women in chronic pain. I’m just disgusted and I hope your editor disciplines you for this. The very least you could have done in this article was to interview a chronic pain patient who takes opioids.

  4. This article misses the point of what 40 million ppl within the US are using opioids for. We live with incurable and painful diseases. I personally have lived with my diseases for 26 years. I have tried everything. What works best is medications, healthy diet, physical therapy and other therapies.
    I’m not sure why opioids have become such a bad thing. When taken correctly, we can live a productive life once again. I’m 42 and this is the best combination I’ve been able to find to get my life back again.
    Please stop vilifying pain medications.

  5. This article filled with much misinformation. The Opioid Crisis is actually Heroin, illegal Fentanyl, fake Oxycodone, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and fake Xanax, to name a few illicit drugs. Prescription opioids are one of the safest pain relievers on the market. The FDA regulates how they are made as well as the doses. Opiates are made from the opium poppy plant. Opioids are man-made chemicals that have the same properties as opiates. All now called opioids. Prescribing opioids for post-surgery and for chronic pain long term has never been a problem until providers set up pain clinics to perform surgical implants or infusions. A patient should slowly taper after being on prescription opioids, but this is not the same as drug addiction, which is quite rare. The safety of kratom and CBD has not been determined by the FDA. Be aware of their sellers to buy pure products. Ginger can have serious side effects such as gas, stomach pain, diarrhea, trouble breathing, nausea, heartburn, or severe allergic reactions. As with any herb please start slowly. and find recipes for use.

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