How Can PEMF Treatment Help With Lower Back Pain?

How Can PEMF Treatment Help With Lower Back Pain? : PEMF therapy is a form of low-level, non-invasive treatment that can help with lower back pain. It works by creating a magnetic field that boosts the body’s natural healing processes. This may be applied to many body parts, including the muscles and ligaments of the spine, as well as the joints (arthritis).

PEMF technology provides an alternative to surgery or other invasive medical procedures.

How does PEMF work?

The process starts with electricity being converted into microwaves through a device called an electro magnetron. The microwave energy passes through a special coil placed on or around your body part. The microwaves heat up the tissue around them, thereby stimulating healing in damaged tissues. Because PEMF therapy uses only low levels of energy, it is safe for most people to use without fear of burning themselves or another person on purpose (called “electrocution”).

PEMF treatment is a highly effective treatment for lower back pain. The following are the ways in which PEMF treatment helps with lower back pain:

It improves blood circulation

The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. PEMF improves the functioning of this organ, which in turn leads to better circulation in the body. Heart problems such as angina pectoris and hypertension can be treated by using PEMF therapy. This helps in improving blood circulation and therefore, preventing constipation and other related ailments.

It reduces inflammation

Inflammation is one of the main causes of many diseases including cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. Inflammation leads to pain and stiffness in joints, bones, muscles, and skin tissues, which may lead to various complications like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia,, etc. In order to cure these diseases, PEMF therapy plays an important role by reducing inflammation in the body which improves its overall health by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply within the body cells thereby increasing energy levels and overall well-being levels as well.

It eliminates toxins

Toxins are waste products that build up in our bodies due to heavy workloads, stress, or poor dieting practices. These toxins are stored in our muscles and joints causing inflammation and pain. PEMF therapy helps eliminate these toxins from our cells by stimulating them which results in reduced pain levels as well as improved immune system functioning through which we fight against diseases better than ever before. 

It increases bone density

PEMF therapy increases bone density by decreasing bone resorption in the spine and increasing bone formation. This process makes bones stronger and less prone to fractures or breaks due to impact from trauma or other physical activities.

It provides relief from spasms

PEMF therapy is known to relieve muscle spasms and improve mobility in the body’s joints. Spasms are usually caused due to an injury or a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the affected area. PEMF therapy can help reduce pain and improve mobility by helping muscles relax, which can help you move your body with ease again.

It helps to strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons

In a healthy state of health, your body has the ability to repair itself. This process is called autophagy. When you get injured or sick, your body needs to restore itself to its normal state of health as soon as possible. Injuries can cause inflammation in your body which leads to pain and other symptoms. PEMF therapy helps in strengthening the muscles and ligaments so that they work better than before. It also improves circulation in the area around the injury so that healing can start faster than usual.

Using a PEMF device from healthyline outlet, this kind of treatment can help to strengthen muscles because they help to break down scar tissue that may have formed around nerves or any other soft tissue in the body. This will make them stronger and less likely to cause pain or injury. It also helps to build up new muscle tissue which can be used in place of lost muscle mass.

It improves mobility

PEMF therapy improves your mobility by improving your flexibility and balance, which helps to prevent falls and injuries in your spine as well as helps you get back up after falling down or slipping on an icy patch of the floor – even if you have had a lot of time off work due to injury.

It also helps with pain during pregnancy

PEMF treatment is also very useful during pregnancy as it helps to prevent or reduce pain due to ligament strain and stretching of muscles. This is because it increases blood circulation, which improves digestion and reduces inflammation thereby preventing swelling and pain during the labor or delivery process.



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How Can PEMF Treatment Help With Lower Back Pain?

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