How Chinese Acupuncture Boosts Fertility: Does it Work?

How Chinese Acupuncture Boosts Fertility: Does it Work?
How Chinese Acupuncture Boosts Fertility: Does it Work?

How Chinese Acupuncture Boosts Fertility: Does it Work? Chinese acupuncture is a good adjunct to conventional treatments to boost fertility. It improves the overall health and function of the ovaries and uterus, allowing you to conceive with ease.

There are different reasons why some women have difficulty conceiving a child. In some cases, it can be due to an underlying medical problem. In others, it can be as simple as stress. Not being able to conceive a child is stressful and frustrating. Chinese acupuncture may offer some hope to individuals who are having issues with fertility. Acupuncture is an alternative therapy that can help boost one’s fertility.

What Is Chinese Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the world’s longest-established health care practices. The ancient Chinese use acupuncture to treat a number of health conditions like pain, digestive disorders, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

Through the millennia, acupuncturists continued to hone their skills. They also worked to refine the subtle art of diagnosing illnesses and health conditions. This way, acupuncturists are able to create a plan of care that is specific to the person.

This is one of the most important characteristics of acupuncture. Whereas Western medicine focuses on the disease process, acupuncture focuses more on the individual. Acupuncturists see the different symptoms as interrelated.

In Chinese acupuncture, the symptoms are manifestations of an imbalance in energy. To help address these symptoms, it is critical to re-establish the balance in the flow of energy. This is the fundamental tenet behind the practice of acupuncture.

How Does Chinese Acupuncture Work?

The main goal of acupuncture is to re-establish energy balance. It does this by triggering certain points of the body. These trigger points are specific areas of the body that connect to a specific organ. For example, there is a specific trigger point that connects it to the kidney, the brain, or the uterus.

What is important to realise is that these pathways – from the trigger point to the organ – can also branch out. It means that stimulating this trigger point can also lead to other physiologic effects along the pathway. This is the main reason why acupuncture can also provide whole-body health.

When an acupuncturist inserts an acupuncture needle, he stimulates the specific trigger point. This opens up the pathway towards the target organ, allowing energy or Qi to flow.

How Can It Help With Fertility Issues?

There are three ways Chinese acupuncture can help boost fertility.

  1. Improves blood flow to the uterus and the ovaries
    The ovaries need sufficient blood supply to help in the maturation of egg cells. Adequate blood supply can help nourish the immature egg cells, facilitating their development. As they reach maturity, the egg cells get released into the fallopian tube.

    Successful pregnancy relies on a well-prepared uterus. It needs to have a network of blood vessels so that it will be able to support the embryo if fertilisation occurs. This allows the embryo to grow and develop into a foetus.

    Chinese acupuncture can improve the flow of blood to both the uterus and the ovaries. This can help boost one’s fertility


  1. Enhances the release of Luteinising Hormone
    One of the most important hormones necessary for pregnancy is Luteinising Hormone. It stimulates the ovaries to release a mature egg cell. Without this hormone, females will never be able to ovulate.

    Luteinising Hormone also stimulates the production of progesterone. This is a hormone necessary to support the growing embryo in the first 2 months of life.

    Chinese acupuncture can help stimulate the release of Luteinising Hormone from the hypothalamus of the brain. This way, one can ovulate and increase her chance of getting pregnant.


  1. Reduces stress levels and calms the mind
    Stress can produce a variety of effects on the human body. One of them is a disruption in the normal balance of hormones.

    Stress can also make the mind think of unnecessary things. This can have a negative effect on the ability of the hypothalamus to synthesise and secrete Luteinising Hormone.

    Chinese acupuncture can help lower stress levels and make you feel more relaxed. This way, you can focus on things that can help in improving your fertility.


Are There Scientific Evidences To Prove Its Effectiveness?

To date, there is no conclusive evidence to support the effectiveness of Chinese acupuncture in treating infertility. Part of this is the lukewarm reception of many western medical doctors about this alternative medicine. Many still view acupuncture as a pseudoscience.

Many of the researches conducted about the matter have serious flaws in their research design. Making generalisations from such studies can be very challenging. In 2017, a study in China revealed that acupuncture may not be an effective treatment for infertility secondary to polycystic ovary syndrome.

A randomised clinical trial in 2018 also showed that acupuncture is no different than sham acupuncture. This is when it comes to improving live birth rates among women undergoing in-vitro fertilisation. Regardless, there are other researches that point to the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating infertility.

In 2018, a study in Macedonia revealed that acupuncture is an effective treatment for infertility. It can improve the quality of sperm cells. Acupuncture can also improve the function of the ovaries. This alternative medicine also balances the hormones of the endocrine system.


While Chinese acupuncture does not have the full backing of the scientific community, it does enjoy the trust of millions of women and couples worldwide. It helps improve the health and function of the female reproductive system. This way, you can boost your fertility.






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How Chinese Acupuncture Boosts Fertility: Does it Work?

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