Things About Women That Drive Men Crazy

Things About Women That Drive Men Crazy
Things About Women That Drive Men Crazy

Things About Women That Drive Men Crazy : “What drives a man crazy?” – This question interests almost every woman. Especially if the fair sex is in love and craves the attention of her chosen one. Men are known to love with their eyes, but in order to drive them crazy, it is not at all necessary to be the owner of parameters 90-60-90 or look perfectly like models from the covers of glossy magazines.

Men, it turned out, to the point of madness, may like the things a woman considers to be her fault. Here is a list of the most common things that attract the attention of the stronger sex, often depriving their minds.

  1. Perfume: The scent of a woman

    Perfume and a beautiful scent can play both the game of attraction and seduction. There’s nothing that makes men feel more in love with a woman than their signature scent. Get your custom perfume and turn this into one of your greatest powers.

  2. The lack of bright makeup

    Women always strive to look perfect due to cosmetics, but sexologists believe that this is not a prerequisite for attracting male attention. The fact is that the less makeup on a woman’s face, the more visible her natural beauty. In addition, it is known that men have passionate kisses, and an excessive amount of makeup on a woman’s face can ruin all the fun.

  3. Convex tummy

    Many women, starting in their youth, the dream of the forms of supermodels and an elastic flat tummy, but, as it turned out, men are just crazy about a small tummy! Men prefer the fairer sex with outstanding (to a moderate degree) body shapes, which emphasizes the natural female beauty. Therefore, a slightly protruding tummy terribly excites men.

  4. Wrinkles

    With age, women begin to worry about wrinkles, more than men. For them, wrinkles are a sign of inevitable old age. But men more often associate age with experience, including sexual experience, which really turns men on. Their fantasies begin to overwhelm them about the unprecedented pleasure that this woman could deliver to them.

  5. Small breasts

    It is not surprising, but not all men are obsessed with large, magnificent breasts. Small elastic breasts were considered the ideal of female beauty even in Ancient Greece, whence the concept of classical beauty arose, and in general the concept of the ideal of beauty. Small breasts in men evoke associations of youth and vitality – a direct hint that a woman can give birth to his children.

  6. Stretch marks

    The pinkish or silver lines on the body are the cause of the painful experiences of many women! But as it turned out, in vain! After all, a man in a woman is excited by her naturalness, as well as its various manifestations! Stretch marks mean that she gave him a child, that she is devoted to him and can safely sacrifice her appearance for him. Moreover, this secret is known only to him.

  7. Fat folds on the body

    Most women are very complex about this, constantly trying to get rid of even a couple of extra centimeters at the waist, hips, sides, etc. However, many men are convinced that the feminine figure is primarily a sign of fertility. And for many men, procreation is the main goal in life. So, the small completeness fits perfectly into this concept and excites the concealment of the desires of men, laid down by nature itself.

  8. Good appetite

    The unearthly nymphs, limiting themselves to a romantic dinner with a glass of wine and a dessert, as it turned out, are not very attractive to men. They have a different perception about this: “If you eat and drink plenty, then such a confident woman will show temperament and gluttony in bed.”

  9. Bare feet

    Since ancient times, even when the girls were not as relaxed as they are today, bare feet were a hint of nudity. And this already gives rise to violent fantasies of men.

  10. The ability to find a common language with children

    If you think that a man does not attach importance to your games with children of acquaintances or relatives, you are very mistaken. Love, warmth, caring, and understanding – all this makes it clear to the representatives of the stronger sex that a woman can become a wonderful mother for their child.

  11. Freestyle in women’s wardrobe

    Piquant underwear attracts only from the catwalks and pages of glossy magazines. In real life, sexuality is closely linked to comfort. Free-style casual clothing makes it clear to a man that a woman is relaxed and comfortable, which men always find insanely sexy.

  12. Put on tight jeans

    Men really like it when their woman, being in shorts, tries to put on tight jeans. They are touched when a girl jumps in a disheveled form, trying to pull on the “harmful” trousers. And they also like it when at the end of the day a woman asks to take off these pants.

  13. Stretch and warm up before a man

    All men love to look at women who warm up in the gym. And if it makes their sweetheart right at home, it is doubly more attractive and seductive. If you do not play sports, then at least do a light workout or stretch with your beloved man.

  14. Throw your hair back

    Imagine a strong wind outside, and your hairstyle is disheveled, and you, to put everything back in place, throw your hair back. It annoys you wildly because you have been doing home styling in front of the mirror for so long, but in your man,  it causes emotion. Yes, what can I say, pushing back a woman’s hair is compared to washing a cat! In addition, everyone knows that when a woman starts playing with her hair, it is perceived as flirting with a man.

  15. You straighten his tie

    This is a pretty sweet thing in a long relationship or marriage. In this process, men find some kind of charm and touching. It so happened that it is in women that it is much better to fix a tie, and indeed to tie it correctly is much better. Only those men who are in a serious and long relationship will understand this.

  16. You bite your lips

    This innocent gesture attracts men quite strongly. A woman biting her lip seems to their beloved insanely attractive, seductive, sexy. Such a simple thing inspires men to a variety of exploits and accomplishments.

  17. You wag your hips while walking

    Men consider this a real female mystery. They hardly understand how beautiful it is to walk along the street, gracefully wag their hips, and not fall! The heel, and you wagging your hips will become more seductive and crazier for all the men around you. Naturally, at ease, gracefully!

  18. You gently touch a man

    Not all men love affairs from the first touch seem adequate to women. Although, if they are accidentally touched by a lover, they can be very excited! Just put your hand on it, or on the knee, on the neck, stroking the skin. An electric discharge is provided, even if you are not the first with a man, and you have known each other for a thousand years.

  19. You tie your hair in a ponytail

    Of course, you do this for a practical purpose, because at home hair interferes with homework. And men like it terribly. They are generally enraged when a woman spends hours in front of a mirror, trying to make a styling, and then a couple of minutes and the tail is ready. And this hairstyle looks pretty cute! Here’s more on how to tease your man with those sweet little things.


Go and get your man’s attention with these tips. A Bonus tip: When a woman puts on her man’s shirt, it seems so sweet. Of course, not just like that, I came home from work, put on my husband’s shirt, and went to cook dinner. Most often, this technique is used by women in the morning after a sexually “fruitful” night. And men go crazy with the charm of bare legs and the realization that there are no clothes under the shirt.





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Things About Women That Drive Men Crazy

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