How Do I Know If My Child Needs a Tutor?

How Do I Know If My Child Needs a Tutor? As parents, we want our kids to deliver the best efforts in their academic subjects at school. Sometimes, buckling down and studying just isn’t quite enough to see them excel and your child may need an extra helping hand.

Take math, for example. Some students can excel in certain subject matter such as mental arithmetic but struggle through others like linear algebra and trigonometry. It may be time to consider the services of a private math tutor to boost their grades back to where you know they can be.

Of course in the time of COVID, having a private tutor in your home isn’t realistic. However, online tutors, with years of experience at various course levels, are available to help solve your math problem.

Consider extra help that you can’t provide.

We want to do anything to help our kids with their homework, short of doing it ourselves. However, we cannot the perfect tutor, especially if our own understanding of the subject is rusty.

Hello Thinkster is an online math tutoring service that has made teaching math at home a breeze for students of all ages. Depending on the math subject, a professional tutor can give your child the one-on-one attention they need to learn a subject while garnering the study skills that will help them moving forward through school and into exams.

With the help of tutors and their years of teaching experience, you can keep your children excelling at all levels of math. There is nothing wrong with wanting to seek out the best learning opportunities for your kids.

Tutoring During COVID-19

With the ongoing pandemic, the majority of students will not be back in school just yet. But even for those students whose schools have reopened, their teachers may be limiting any extra help due to social distancing guidelines.

Luckily, a great tutor is just a click away, without having to sacrifice scheduling for your student child. Online math help from a trustworthy app means your child is catered to for all of their individual needs. This one-on-one digital help focuses on the strengths of your child, whilst building on their weak spots. Online math tutors create personalized lesson plans, designed to advance your student’s knowledge of math concepts that prepare them for the years at middle school and/or high school that follows.

The best part is that your child is probably already fluent in electronic devices and apps. Online math help on a tablet or laptop is far more interactive than an in-person tutor sitting with word problems. Children will have a greater interest in an interactive math class with increased concentration on their screen.

An amazing tutor will increase your child’s engagement in math with a hands-on learning experience.

Monitoring Progress Online

While private tutoring can help your child focus on the level of math they are struggling with, online tutoring can provide students with a report card to determine how far has come.

Whether it’s calculus, algebra II, or even ACT math, professional tutors will zone in on the strengths and weaknesses of a student through an online curriculum. Online tutors will grade math worksheets daily to provide personalized assessments to students. Whiteboard coaching and feedback sessions will also help your child to not only see their mistakes but understand them as well.

Online private math tutors have been able to utilize replay technology, which allows tutors to playback a student’s work in real-time. Using analytics to focus on time and accuracy, your child’s math tutor can discover which concepts they may need to work on before moving on to the next. This method is designed to build analytical and critical reasoning skills.

This easy access resource can give your child a tutor of math for as long as they need, and set them up to shine in the subject, both inside and out of the classroom environment.







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How Do I Know If My Child Needs a Tutor?

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