How Does The Woman’s Body Change After Childbirth?

How Does The Woman’s Body Change After Childbirth? Doctors are convinced that pregnancy and childbirth are a lot of stress, as a result of which a lot of changes occur in a woman’s body. And it takes 5 years to recover from pregnancy. The resource with which a woman enters into pregnancy is laid all her life, even from the moment of intrauterine development.

During pregnancy, it is possible to support the body of the future mother. Consequently, recovery after childbirth is influenced by what the body was like before the pregnancy began.

If all family members supported the woman during pregnancy and help after delivery, the recovery process will be physiological. If a woman is not psychologically prepared for childbirth, there is no adequate help and support from relatives and specialists, which usually increases the level of stress hormones in the body, which adversely affects the mother and child.

If a woman does not breastfeed her baby for any reason during the first days after birth, there is a lack of oxytocins, a hormone necessary for the contraction of the reproductive organ (its involution). In this case, the woman in labor should receive this hormone in injections. Also in this case it is necessary to take care of the baby by choosing a high-quality and organic baby formula for its nutrition.

How to restore the body after childbirth

After childbirth, the main household chores, as well as issues related to the registration of documents must be taken care of by my loved ones. Mom at this time will only deal with issues related to caring for the baby, feeding, and restoring his body. At the same time, mom needs to receive positive emotions.

To have a good recovery, a young mother should get a good night’s sleep. After childbirth, against the background of hormonal restructuring may be depressive, panic, fear, many even have postpartum depression. This is why a woman needs to take some time off from the baby and have a good night’s sleep, especially at night.

To avoid congestion of lochia (uterine discharge), so that the uterus shrinks faster and the body recovers, you should move more. Walks in the fresh air and light exercise will benefit.

Frequent application to the breast not only stimulates lactation, but also contributes to the contraction of the uterus and brings it back to normal. This is also a prevention of mastitis.

A bandage prescribed for pregnancy can be flipped over with a wideband down the abdomen. This way it will tighten the tummy and help restore muscle tone. It also helps to restore the initial condition of the uterus by applying ice in the early postpartum period and lying on the stomach.

Diet and exercise in the postpartum period

Now many bans on the diet of a nursing mother are canceled, you can eat whatever you want, but without fanaticism. It is important not to overeat and not to abuse certain products, so as not to provoke allergies and colic in the baby, and not to increase body weight. It is important to maintain a balanced diet. Furthermore, it is necessary to include more fermented foods in the diet and to drink cool water before meals so that you are not tempted to eat too much. You should not abuse fats and sweets.

About 1.5 to 2 months after giving birth, you should visit a gynecologist. The doctor does an examination, colonoscopy, to see how the wounds have healed, how the uterus contracted and formed the cervix. Only after that, he can allow physical activity. You can do physical exercises on the abs and other parts of the body. In addition to gymnastics, massages, water procedures are useful, but all accompanied by specialists.






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How Does The Woman’s Body Change After Childbirth?

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