How Is Living in Australia: Health, Insurance, Food

How Is Living in Australia: Health, Insurance, Food : Aussie living is more than the sun, fun, and beaches stereotype it bears. The country offers a great balance of work-life and social life, at least the locals say so. It might take a second for someone new to adjust to the food, wildlife, accent, and the excessive energy most locals have.

However, once you settle down, living in Australia might be the most rewarding experience of your life.

The Australian Way of Life

The Australian way of life is very climatic and on a different frequency than other countries. However, if it’s one thing Aussies have in common, it’s the collective ‘no worries’ attitude. Australia is diverse and welcomes individuals of different ethnicities, communities, and cultures.

The country is known for its easy-going, always-smiling, and laid-back approach to life. The locals might even be the most unbothered people in the world. So, if you want to blend right in, remember this phrase, ‘relax, it’s just life, no one gets out alive.’ Aussies also love the outdoors. They love kayaking, surfing, wildlife, picnicking, fishing, or basking in the sun. They approach sports with a team spirit, and it’s part of the Australian way of life [1][2].

If you plan on working or applying for jobs, there are a few tips that are definitely worth taking note of, especially in your resume. First, your resume must be longer than one page. Three to five pages is acceptable, and two is okay if you don’t have a lot of experience. This resume must also be written in Australian English and should flow naturally. Australian English is the watchword there!

Health and Safety

There have been jokes about one’s safety in Australia. It’s almost like humans are the foreigners in the country as everything is out to get you. Australia has a large percentage of uncontrolled wildlife. From snakes to giant spiders, insects to eagles, and every other scary animal you can think of. You can wake up and find them in your garage, roof, or outside your window, and no one seems to be bothered by their presence as they consider it as ‘nature,’ which they love.

The captivating thing about the place, though, is that it supports a universal healthcare system where residents can receive treatment for free or for close to nothing [3]. So, should you get hurt by Aussie wildlife, the country’s healthcare system will cover it.

What to Know Before You Buy Health Insurance?

Because Australia operates on a universal healthcare system, some individuals do not need health insurance. Australian permanent residents who don’t have private health insurance are covered by Medicare, the country’s public healthcare system. Medicare covers or subsidizes access to doctors, specialists, optometrists, treatment and accommodation in public hospitals, etc.

However, one thing that Medicare doesn’t cover is ambulance expenses. Private health insurance covers hospital insurance and extras. It covers elective surgery, like hip replacement. It also covers ambulances and enables you to go to private hospitals, amongst other perks [3]. However, most people spend money on private health insurance without using it. If you are the type to fall sick after changing to a new environment or for whatever reason, it may be a great idea to get private health insurance coverage.

Medical Services and Facilities

Some residents believe that the private hospitals that one could access with private health insurance have better conditions and service quality. However, public hospitals have a wider range of facilities and equipment. Regardless, Australia’s medical services are robust and cover physical, emotional, psychological, and mental health free of charge for anyone who has a Medicare number [4]. Many people who have visited speak positively about the standard of the medical services provided over there, especially in comparison to what’s available in other places.

Medicines in Australia

Access to medicines in Australia depends on the type of medicine, as some are only available via hospitals and pharmacies. As in the US, the UK, and other parts of the world, buying a controlled medication will require you to have a valid prescription (Rx) from a state-licensed doctor. On the other hand, non-prescription drugs are available in walk-in pharmacies or some convenience stores, and you can pick them up without Rx.

The Australian government provides affordable access to prescription medication through schemes such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS);
  • Repatriation PBS;
  • Life-Saving Drugs Program.

While these schemes help with affordable drug access, many people prefer buying certain medications such as sexual enhancement pills like Viagra and Cialis, among others, from online pharmacies to save face. The branded versions like Viagra cost a fortune, but buying Kamagra in Australia, as well as other generic versions, is cost-effective.

What Is the Food Like on the Continent?

Australian food is as daring as the continent. The meals here are innovative, tasty, and very easy to make. They might sound different from anything you’ve heard, but you can always find some universal ingredients in them.

Food on the Australian continent can be anything you want it to be. From indigenous snacks like the Witchetty grubs, which look like a worm, to Macadamia nuts, Weet-Bix, and of course, the country’s national cake, the lamington. Australia truly has some addictive bites. Other amazing dishes and snacks you might want to check out include Pavlova, crocodile, grilled kangaroo, chicken parmigiana, and barramundi.

Sport in Australia

Sports have shaped the continent of Australia as it’s one of the most popular activities you will come to realize. Perhaps, this is the reason why it has witnessed several successes in its sports activities, especially in cricket. It is also known for Australian rules football, rugby, and tennis. It’s common to see locals participating in either sports and swimming, cycling, soccer, dancing, basketball, netball, and NRL.


In conclusion, Australia is an amazing place to live in. The healthcare system is designed in your best interest, and so are the insurance policies. The food is amazing, and the culture possesses the best elements of diverse ethnicities. It has everything from wonderful beaches to really attractive megacities to visit. It is definitely a great place to live.



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How Is Living in Australia: Health, Insurance, Food

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