Qualities of a Fertility Specialist You Should Look Out For

Qualities of a Fertility Specialist You Should Look Out For : Finding the right fertility specialist is not as easy as ABC. Many factors can affect your relationship with your fertility specialist and, by default, affect your experience getting fertility treatment.

So how can you tell if you are working with a fertility specialist that is compatible with you?

Here are a few characteristics you should watch out for in your fertility specialist.

  1. Respectful

    Most health professionals can maintain a professional and respectful relationship with their patients. Infertility specialists are no exception. Your doctor should treat you and anyone with you gently and respectfully to put you at ease.

  2. Board Certified

    Your fertility specialist should be board certified and have adequate medical training. You can confirm this by asking the doctor if they are board certified or by looking up their credentials.

    Your board-certified fertility specialist should also practice from a reputable facility or office. This should be a red flag if your infertility specialist insists on performing procedures in unsanitary or unsterile conditions.

  3. Caring and Compassionate

    The journey toward conception is not always an easy one. Most couples and single patients struggling to conceive experience emotional turmoil before finally achieving their goal and delivering a healthy baby.

    For this reason, your fertility specialist should have good bedside manners by displaying compassion and knowing how to handle difficult situations. You should feel like you and your doctor are working together as a team to achieve set goals.

  4. Your Doctor Should Offer a Variety of Fertility Treatments

    A knowledgeable fertility doctor should keenly explain the cause of your infertility and the various medical options you have at your disposal. The fertility specialist should not force you to go for a treatment type you are uncomfortable with. You should be free to choose with all the necessary information on hand.

    Decisions regarding your health can be life-changing, so you should not make them in haste.

  5. The Facility You Choose to Work With Should Offer Treatment for Both Men And Women

    Assuming that you and your better half are seeking fertility treatment, getting treatment from a facility that can cater to both of your needs is better. Most couples will undergo testing to find out where the problem is and proceed from there. So you want to be in a facility that can offer treatment to both men and women so you are prepared for the test results.

    It is also important to choose a facility or clinic with the most available services to patients, as well as one with enough experience dealing with various infertility cases. This way, you can start your journey towards conception in capable hands and will not likely have to switch healthcare providers halfway through treatment.

Fertility specialist Q&As

What is the first line of treatment for infertility in women or men?

Dealing with infertility can take a toll on anyone. The good news is with the advancement in medical inventions; there are now more treatments for treating many causes of infertility. However, the first line of treatment is usually oral medication, as it is the least invasive treatment method. Of course, this applies if the doctor deems it possible to treat your condition effectively with oral medication.

Does health affect fertility before conception?

An unhealthy body may find it challenging to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term without serious medical complications threatening the life of the mother and that of the fetus. If you suffer from conditions like PCOS, your fertility may also be affected negatively. Other conditions affecting your fertility include thyroid issues, cancer, and poor nutrition.

Can excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking affect fertility?

Yes, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes can significantly lower fertility rates in most women. Other kinds of hard recreational drugs are also harmful to your reproductive health. Your doctor will provide the necessary information on improving your fertility by changing or quitting some lifestyle habits.

Can men suffer from fertility issues?

Men can also suffer from fertility issues, including low sperm count and the inability to get or maintain an erection. In most cases, men can get medication to help with erectile dysfunction. Your doctor should also advise on ways you can increase sperm count.

What is the success rate of fertility treatments?

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, about 90% of infertility cases achieve success after treatment. The length of therapy may vary for each case of infertility, and the success rate may be affected by age and health.

How long does fertility treatment take to work?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Each couple has a different fertility journey to the next. Some couples may never achieve the goal of conception, while others may conceive after the first fertility treatment.




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Qualities of a Fertility Specialist You Should Look Out For

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