How Long Can I Wear A Postpartum Belly Band?

How Long Can I Wear A Postpartum Belly Band? A postpartum belly wrap contributes to rapid restoration of your body shape. It supports uterine and abdominal muscles, increases muscle stretch, and reduces pressure on the spine. Wearing this band relieves back pain and leg fatigue.

When should I start wearing the band?

The time to start wearing a postpartum wrap varies from woman to woman. Some new mothers are advised to put on a supportive band just a couple of hours post-childbirth, whereas others start wearing it only in a week. Only your doctor can give you case-specific recommendations based on your overall health condition, physiological state and childbirth results.

Do I need a belly band after vaginal delivery?

In many cases, belly bands are recommended for women who had a C-section. However, it is not prohibited to wear tight-fitting clothing in all other cases. On the contrary, it is useful if you want to get back in shape faster after delivery, as well as to help take the load off your spine. Thus, vaginal delivery is not an obstacle to wearing the belly band. However, you should avoid using the band in the following situations:

  • Stitches in the perineal region.
  • Swelling.

How do I choose a correct postpartum belly band?

To select a right orthopedic band, make sure you measure your waist and hips.

High-class tightening belly bands are made of elastic fabric that uses natural fibers, like cotton, microfiber, and elastane. You can go ahead and select a synthetic fabric; it won’t do you any harm.

Before purchasing a postpartum belly wrap, take note of the of its binding element type.

Belly band models

There are three main types of postpartum belly bands:

  1. Combined (universal) maternity band.

    It may be used both during pregnancy and after childbirth. Besides, it is the most affordable option. After childbirth, this belly wrap is put on with its wide side on the belly, and the narrow one on the back.


      • saves money as you don’t need to buy two bands;
      • increased level of hygiene;
      • effective in performing its functions: its wide side is good at supporting the belly, while the narrow part supports your spine without exerting any pressure to the small of the back.


      • there is a slight chance that this band may feel uncomfortable after childbirth even if it used to fit perfectly during pregnancy;
      • can get deformed;
      • can slip off.
  1. High waist corset underwear.

    You can use this product to get rid of excess skin layers on your body and dimples or bumps on the thighs.


      • does not slip off (provided you select the right size);
      • looks great under any clothing.


      • it is hard to put on in the first days after childbirth;
      • the band is worn over the naked body, which is non-hygienic;
      • inconvenient to use the restroom or have a gynecologist’s appointment (if there are no special snap buttons at the bottom).
  1. Maternity belt.

    This belt has touch fasteners and securely covers and tightens your belly.


      • it serves as effective support for your spine;
      • can be easily adjusted to the body shape thanks to touch fasteners;
      • easy to put on and take off.


      • belt elements are visible from under tight clothing;
      • often rolls down to the lower back when you move;
      • does not hide silhouette imperfections.


What is the correct way to wear a postpartum band?

  • Do not put the belly wrap on right after having a meal. Wait for one to two hours for the food to digest.
  • Any postpartum wrap must be put on in the lying down position with your hips raised.
  • To avoid fainting, avoid any sudden movements when getting up.
  • While still lying down, check the fastening of all belt elements. It is important that the postpartum belly wrap does not fit too tightly to the stomach and does not cut off blood circulation.
  • Start wearing the belly band only after consulting your gynecologist.
  • Wear the orthopedic corset for at most one to two hours.







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