How Physical Therapy Helps To Recover From Pregnancy

How Physical Therapy Helps To Recover From Pregnancy : Pregnancy is a natural phase of life that almost every woman goes through. Those who have crossed this path can surely tell you that they feel a lot of change in their bodies during and post-pregnancy. Women go through post-pregnancy problems like back pain, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, or scarring.

These problems not just affect them physically but also emotionally. If not treated on time and properly, they can hinder the confidence of women and affect their womanhood and motherhood.

Although with time their bodies tend to recover, there are some things that women need to do to regain that strength all over again. Here is where physical therapy comes to use. Physical therapy helps in speedy recovery of the new mother and makes sure that she gets on with her usual life and new motherhood in a healthy way.

Following are some ways in which physical therapy can help new mothers recover from their pregnancy smoothly:

  1. Ease Pelvic Pain

    A woman’s body is very sensitive after she gives birth to a child. All the muscles of her body are quite weak, especially the pelvic zone. Pelvic floor muscles do not function properly and cause problems like bladder issues, pain in the pelvis, abdomen, or tailbone, leaking urine, or even pain during intercourse. Your physical therapist will provide you with some effective pelvic floor physical therapy which will slowly strengthen your pelvic area and boosts its functioning properly.

  2. Strengthens your body

    Apart from improving the pelvic muscles, physical therapy will help you improve your muscles and regain your strength. Although this recovery occurs naturally as well, the gap can become a bit too long if you do nothing about it. Therapies help to narrow down that gap. These therapies are also beneficial for women who went through the C-section. The recovery from C-section is even more difficult; it is very important to visit a physical therapist that can treat you accordingly.

  3. Heals you Emotionally

    Physical weakness after pregnancy often becomes a barrier in your life. Once stuck in that barrier, a woman becomes very sensitive, insecure, and usually goes into her shell. When you overcome this barrier and become active, it becomes a bit easier to love and accept yourself. And we can all agree that a happy and a healed mother is more likely to nurture a baby in a healthy way than a mother who is always self-doubting, weak, and insecure.

  4. Brings you in shape:

    One of the major reasons why most women go through postpartum depression is because of a sudden change in their looks and figure. Once you have recovered physically, you can go ahead and work on getting back to your shape. Some women make the mistake of immediately going on a diet or their exercise regime; it can prove to be quite unhealthy as their body is still weak from within and cause some severe long-term problems. Your physical therapist will help guide you in this area and provide some healthy tips through which you can lose weight without putting a strain on your health.





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How Physical Therapy Helps To Recover From Pregnancy

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