How To Attract Men

How To Attract Men : The tips below are going to help you double or even triple the amount of attention you get from guys.

  1. You Attract Men When You Notice Them

    One of the biggest reasons why women don’t attract the attention of men is because they often “ignore” them.

    If you are the type of person who avoids making eye contact with men, or you don’t smile and say “hello”, then it is going to be hard for men around you to notice you at all. This is because the men will assume that you don’t want to be bothered, and will not feel like you are open to conversations.

    If you want to attract men, you need to acknowledge them especially when they are close to you. Men read the body language of women before they approach. They approach women who want to be approached. If you act like the guy doesn’t exist, they aren’t going to talk to you.

  2. Being the Most Attractive You Can Be

    When you don’t put much effort into your appearance, you are subconsciously going to avoid getting attention from men. When you put the effort in looking good and you know you look good, then you will have your head high and you seem approachable. When you feel confident, men are going to notice you. This doesn’t mean spending hours trying to work on your appearance. Just appear healthy, and that should be enough to impress most men. Your hair should be clean, smell good, and exercise regularly, that’s all you need to appear and feel attractive.

  3. Going to Place Where You are Likely to “Meet Men”

    If you are finding it hard to attract men, it could be because you are not going out enough. In the same way that a company has to promote its products and services regularly in order to gain exposure, you need to put yourself out there so people can see you. It is a good idea to choose places where you interact when new men.

    There are many couples who met in random places like when walking down the street, at the supermarket, coming out of a public bathroom, at a park, etc. but this is usually a very small percentage of couples. It is hard to interact with strangers all day.

    You should also think about your state of mind. Do you find yourself in a frame where you want to be approached or is your frame that of wanting to cross things off your list?

    If you want to attract men, then consider activities and places that have people ready to engage. Some of these include Social events, Meetup groups, and House parties. Go to these places and take part in such activities regularly. Visit and find the perfect date.

  4. When Going out With Your Friends, Be in Groups of 2 or 3

    When you are out with a group with more than three people, you reduce your chances of getting approached. Men are intimidated when it comes to approaching a group of women. You should choose a smaller group to go out with so you can ease the barrier to entry.

    When you are out with your friends, make sure your feet and shoulders are not facing outside the group. Do not ignore the rest of the world.

    Start by looking around the room with your feet and shoulders facing outside the group. This way, you can see if there is someone you can approach or even bring to the group.

  5. Prolong Eye Contact Attracts Men

    Can you hold and maintain eye contact with men or are you shifty-eyed? Eye contact is a good way of sending out signals to the guy that you might be interested in talking with them. Eye contact is a powerful tool that you can use because it has an effect on most men.

Try holding eye contact for about three seconds. This is going to increase his heart rate, which is the same reaction the body has when someone falls in love. Take advantage of eye contact.





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How To Attract Men

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