How to Brush Curly Hair: The Ultimate Guide

How to Brush Curly Hair: The Ultimate Guide : Creation, whether you look at it from a scientific or religious aspect, is truly a marvel. We have different heights, body structures, and gene makeups. The same applies to eye color and hair texture.

When looking at hair textures, there are straight, wavy, and curly. Even within each category, there exist remarkable differences. Some people have loose curls, while others have tight coils.

You will quickly realize that there are differences in managing the different textures. Take the example of combing or brushing straight hair. The process can differ from how you do it on curly hair.

We will share the ultimate guide to how to brush curly hair.

Why It Is Important To Learn How to Comb Curly Hair

You have a full head of curly hair that many people envy. If only they knew how it could be a hassle to take care of sometimes. You don’t have the luxury of running a comb through the mane like those with straight hair can. Indeed, for you, it all comes down to having the correct hair brushing and combing techniques.

Improper brushing of curly hair can lead to damage and hair loss. Aggressive detangling techniques can result in stretching and excessive frizz. Indeed, in the end, it would look like you have candy floss sitting on top of your head. Whatever method you apply should preserve the integrity of the curls.

Using the wrong hair brush can pull out hair, resulting in excessive shedding. All that without considering the pain that will come every time you put the brush or comb on your hair.

It may be tempting to avoid brushing your curly hair. But, you should know that doing so can result in matting. You could spend a lot of money in the salon restoring it. In extreme cases, you may end up losing your glorious locks. With that out, let’s go into a curly hair brushing guide.

Start With Stocking Up on the Right Tools and Products

Start by ensuring you have the right tools and products for your hair. These include:-

  • A wide-tooth comb and detangling brush. Do take time in looking for the right brush that can handle your curly locks. It is important to look at factors like the bristles. The Manta hair brush has a brilliant construction that features a 360 rotation of the bristles. What you get is knot-free brushing that minimizes breakage. The brush also gently exfoliates, thus stimulating the scalp.
  • Your preferred hair oil.
  • Gentle shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. For the latter, you may want to consider a leave-in one.
  • Spray bottle.

Brush Your Curly Hair When Wet

The one thing about curly hair is that it can be quite brittle and dry. That means you could already be dealing with a lot of split ends. Manipulating dry hair can also lead to a lot of tension and breakage.

So, please avoid brushing your hair when it’s dry. When wet, you will find the process of detangling much easier. Best of all, there will be no frizz or lack of definition. The moisture softens or loosens up the tangle, thus making it easier to work on.

Before moving to the next part, wash your hair and apply conditioner. If you are not using leave-in, give the conditioner enough time to do its magic.

After that, rinse, but do not dry the hair completely. Start the detangling process with a shampoo brush or by finger combing.

Work With Small Sections

If you have a lot of hair, don’t try brushing it all at once. The best way to go about it is to work in sections.

  • Divide the hair down the middle of the head, giving you two sections.
  • Next, divide the two sections into two equal parts horizontally. At this point, you should have four equal parts.
  • Then divide each into two, thus giving you eight units.

As we stated above, please ensure the hair has sufficient moisture. Remember, we don’t want to work with dry hair. If you need more hydration, use the spray bottle.

Now, working from the back of your head, start the detangling action. First, use the wide-toothed comb to remove any knots. Then slowly and gently apply brush strokes to the hair section with your flexible hair brush.

Always work on the top, going down to the roots. You may want to learn how to do a two-strand twist to take care of the sections you have finished detangling. Now would also be the perfect time to apply hair serum or oil. It will keep the curls flexible and well hydrated.

Once you take care of all the hair, remove the two-strand twists. Now, once again, brush the whole head with the brush. If you did an excellent detangling job, you would find it easy.

The DON’Ts of Brushing Curly Hair

Please take note of the following curly hair brushing mistakes. Some of the points will summarize what we have shared above.

  • Brush curly hair when dry
  • Be in a rush. You need to take your time and be very gentle
  • Be frugal with the conditioner. You have a lot of hair, so use the correct amount for optimal effects
  • Brush chunks of hair at a time. You run the risk of tangling and knotting.
  • Use the wrong hair brush. A brush with a good grip is critical for comfort. You also want to avoid synthetic materials with a rough texture. Such can result in serious snagging and friction. Also, ensure the brush bristles have wide spaces between them. Tight packing of the bristles can result in the curls snagging. A flexible hair brush is comfortable to use and will give excellent results.
  • Start brushing or detangling from the top and work your way down.
  • Brush dirty hair. Washing and conditioning will preserve the curl definition.
  • Brush too often. It could lead to a loss of curl definition and excess shedding.


There you have it, a complete curly hair brushing tutorial. Even if you don’t remember each point, read the final section well. By avoiding the things you should not do, you will keep your hair and curl definition in good condition all the time.

Also, invest in a good hairbrush that will not damage your hair. Check the bristle material, grip, bristle spacing, and overall flexibility.




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How to Brush Curly Hair: The Ultimate Guide

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