How to Burn Fat Quickly

How to Burn Fat Quickly – 3 Secrets Revealed by Instagram Star David Michigan : Do you often worry about your fat accumulated on your thighs, arms and waist ? 

Sometimes we are just feeling that these fatty areas will never go away.

So you count calories. You do cardio exercises. You try to avoid certain foods. But sometimes this is not enough or simply useless.

Don’t worry: you are about to learn some special tips to burn fat. Very easy to implement in your daily life.

Instagram star David Michigan, followed by more than 3 million people, shares here 3 important secrets to lose weight fast.


Limit your Carb Intake

One of the best things you can do if you want to lose fat, is to simply limit your carb intake. Try to limit or avoid pastas, bread and rice and replace them by good vegetables.

“One of the biggest mistake you can hear, is that your body or your brain need card. In reality, the health of the organs is maintained with glucose, and glucose can of course be obtained from carbs, but also from proteins and fats, that convert into glucose”, David Michigan said.

Avoid also drinking sugary drinks and fruit juice, because they will probably help you only to get fat.


Eat your food slowly

Eating slowly makes you feel fuller and will definitely boost weight-reducing hormones.

“Fast eaters will often gain more weight as the time goes by. When you eat fast, you will be hungrier sooner after your meal, than if you are eating slower. As soon as food enters your month, it sends signals to your brain, but the problem is that when you are eating fast, you don’t let the time for the signals to reach your brain. Signals will always be sent, but they just come faster to your brain by eating slower,”David Michigan explained.

So keep this idea in mind, if you want to lose weight fast.


Do Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting consists simply on the fact not to eat during a certain period of time.

” For millions of years, we only eat when we needed to. So for us, at the time, intermittent fasting was a very natural state to be in”, David Michigan said. ” Now it turns out that we have the feeling we must eat all the time. But always keep in mind that the « 3 meals a day » is just a cultural process and absolutely not a biological necessity”, he added.

During intermittent fasting, water has a crucial role, and you have to drink a lot.

“You are allowed to drink as much water, green tea and coffee as you want, if you don’t add sugar in it”, David Michigan explained.  

Intermittent fasting will maximize your hormonal balance by boosting your human growth hormone levels: more than 1300% of the increase after only a 24 hours fast !

But you don’t have to go this extreme. You can only fast 16 hours, for example, and you will still have tons of benefits.

You now have 3 simple tools you can use everyday to burn more fat and get closer to the body you truly want.



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How to Burn Fat Quickly

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