How to Choose Label Printers for Your Home Business

How to Choose Label Printers for Your Home Business : After Covid-19, young entrepreneurs started business activities from their homes by reconsolidating their resources. With the gradual increase in turnover, they need to handle their inventory carefully so that the requirement of the customers is met timely and they may not have to face over-run costs of inventory maintenance.

Proper labelling of the products is required to enable small business owners for keeping a record of the movements of the products. Not only this, if we ascertain the justification for labelling, we may find that there are several reasons why label printer for small business is an essential part of office equipment now:

Proper labelling of the products
Proper labelling of the products
  1. Product Identification

    Labels play a crucial role in identifying and distinguishing products. They can include essential information such as product names, descriptions, barcodes, pricing, and branding elements. Having a label printer allows small businesses to create customized labels quickly and efficiently, ensuring accurate product identification.

  2. Professional Presentation

    Labels contribute to the overall professional presentation of products. Well-designed and neatly printed labels enhance the visual appeal and perceived value of items. Small businesses can create labels that align with their brand identity, incorporating logos, colours, and fonts that reflect their unique image.

  3. Compliance and Regulation

    Certain industries, such as food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, have strict labelling requirements imposed by regulatory agencies. Labels may need to include ingredients, nutritional information, allergen warnings, or safety instructions. A label printer enables small businesses to generate compliant labels and avoid potential legal issues or penalties.

  4. Inventory Management

    Labels are valuable tools for inventory management. They can include product codes, SKUs, lot numbers, or expiration dates, making it easier to track and manage stock levels. By printing labels in-house, small businesses can quickly update and label new products or repackage existing inventory without relying on external printing services.

  5. Time and Cost Efficiency

    Outsourcing label printing can be time-consuming and costly, especially for small businesses with limited resources. Investing in a label printer allows for on-demand printing, eliminating the need to wait for third-party services or minimum order quantities. It saves time, reduces lead times, in shipping and packaging the supplies and enables businesses to be more responsive to market demands.

  6. Customization and Flexibility

    Small businesses often need flexibility in label design to accommodate different products, promotions, or seasonal variations. With a label printer, they have full control over the design and content of labels, enabling them to make changes or create new labels as needed. This flexibility supports marketing strategies and allows for easy adaptation to evolving business needs.

Overall, a label printer empowers small businesses to streamline the labelling processes, maintain compliance, improve brand representation, and manage inventory more effectively. It offers greater control, customization, and cost-efficiency, contributing to their overall success and growth.

When it comes to printing solutions, determining the ideal label printer for the business relies entirely on its intended purpose like business requirements. Identification of the best label printer for a small business house is required, which should be within its budget and ensures economical recurring costs of maintenance.


Before purchasing the best label printer, a small business house is required to assess the needs to choose the appropriate technology for the task. Any wrong estimate may lead to purchasing a printer that cannot meet the demands or deplete the resources. Before finalizing a decision on a label printer, the following factors are required to be kept in mind:

    • Is label printing a temporary or ongoing requirement for the business?
    • How frequently will the organization need to print labels?
    • What is the quantity of labels needed per print job?
    • How important is the speed in fulfilling the label requirements?
    • How crucial is label quality to the business?
    • What dimensions should the labels have?
    • Does a portable printing device serve the business?

Having a clear understanding of the specific requirements, including budget constraints, will enable a small business house to effectively compare different models of label printers.

There are two types of label printers available in the market – Inkjet and Thermal Printers. In the range of Inkjet Printers, now the more sophisticated piezoelectric method is available which is both faster and more accurate. But printers of this technology are costlier and their maintenance is also heavy as the nozzles for permitting the drops of inks get chocked very if not used regularly.

MUNBYN thermal label printers
MUNBYN thermal label printers

For a small business, the best label printers are those which work with thermal technology. This class of printer use the controlled application of heat to create a permanent image. Usually, a label printer having thermal technology is recommended to have the following features:

    • best-quality printing effect with optional 300dpi high resolution
    • Supports both USB and Bluetooth connection
    • Save Time & Money.
    • Print fast (72 labels/minute)
    • Sustainability: no ink and toner are required
    • Utility: print shipping labels, product labels, barcode labels; branding sticker labels
    • self-adhesive, easy to tear, save time in the process of printing paper labels, cutting, and taping paper labels
    • it should be able to provide Different colours and creative shapes to choose.
    • An affordable branding & packaging choice for small biz.

Though there are a number of the manufacturers for label printers, MUNBYN thermal label printers have the following qualities to meet the requirements of small business house fully.

    • They give best-quality printing effect like optional 300dpi high resolution as they are equipped with Japan ROHM print head (doesn’t harm print head).
    • They support both USB and Bluetooth connection. While comparing Bluetooth printer vs. Wi-Fi printer, MUNBYN thermal label printers always have an edge with various types of connectivity.
    • They save Time & Money. They can print fast (72 labels/minute)
    • They ensure sustainability: no ink and toner are required.
    • Utility: print shipping labels, product labels, barcode labels; branding sticker labels

MUNBYN shipping label

    • Sustainable – *FSC®-certified, BPA Free, Waterproof, and Oil-proof.
    • Self-adhesive, easy to tears, saves time in the process of printing paper labels, cutting, and taping paper labels.
MUNBYN shipping label
MUNBYN shipping label

MUNBYN sticker labels

    • Munbyn sticker labels are sustainable – BPA Free, Waterproof, and Oil-proof.
    • Strong adhesive, ideal for decorating candles, homemade cookies, bottles, and soaps.
    • Different colors and creative shapes to choose
    • An affordable branding & packaging choice for small biz owners.

Not only the initial capital costs, MUNBYN thermal label printers can be said to be the best choice in meeting the recurring expenses.





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How to Choose Label Printers for Your Home Business

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