How To Choose The Best Pillow For Your Toddler

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How To Choose The Best Pillow For Your Toddler : With every milestone accomplished, your child also needs additional stuff to feel more comfortable than ever. As your baby turns into a toddler, one of the things he will need is a soft pillow. Toddler pillows, otherwise referred to as infant pillows were manufactured with the objective of giving your baby a comfortable sleep at night.

If you are wondering when to give your toddler a pillow and why it is best to give your toddler a pillow at this time, this article will provide you with helpful information. Most importantly, this article will focus the discussion on how to choose the best pillow for your toddler.

How To Choose The Best Pillow For Your Toddler

Is regular pillow safe for your baby?

You may not have realized that pillows come in different sizes, types, and forms, depending on the selection or preferences of the individual as well as the age of the person using it. If you are thinking of letting your toddler sleep on your pillows because you want him to experience the same comfort that you experience, it is best to avoid considering those thoughts.

Regular pillows are created in such a way that they offer to support your neck and head. However, toddlers have different body structures compared to adults. The toddler’s’ body proportions are entirely different. Hence, allowing your toddler to rest on adult pillows will result to strains on the shoulders and neck. As the toddler constantly experiences strain, he will end up crying and being fussy all night long. Surely, you would not want that to happen, right? And not only that, it is worth mentioning that as you continue to allow your toddler to sleep on your pillow, eventually, he will end up developing poor postures.

Toddler pillows, on the other hand, are made in a way that they perfectly suit your toddler’s’ body proportions; thus, enabling them to experience a comfortable night of sleeping and dreaming. Not only that, using toddler pillows also offer your child’s developing body the ideal support it needs.

Is there a specific time to start using toddler pillows?

This is one question that constantly encounters lots of discussions and debates. For most experts, it is best to give toddler pillows after your little one transitioned from his tiny crib to a bed. This usually occurs between 18 and 24 months. For many parents, on the other hand, there is always a different side of the coin and they based their opinions on their actual experiences.

The majority of parents reported that they started introducing pillows even before their little ones reached 18 months old, and they never encountered any problem at all. As the child develops and acts in bizarre ways, there does not seem to have a perfect time to give the baby a pillow.

As parents, the ball is in your court in terms of deciding when to let your toddler use a pillow. To help you in making that decision, here are some clues to indicate that your toddler is ready for his new comfy best friend at night.

  • Inability to sleep without having to prop up his head
  • Restlessness during the night because of being uncomfortable
  • Resting the head on couch pillows or bed pillows
  • Resting the head on anything soft such as a stuffed animal or a cottony blanket

Another noticeable sign can be best observed by looking at the shoulders of your child. Are their shoulders wider compared to their head? If yes, that’s one best indicator your toddler is ready for pillows rather than just sleeping on a flat mattress.


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pillow for Your Toddler

So you have made up your mind about purchasing pillows for your toddler. But, how do you know it is the ideal kind of toddler pillow. Here are some clues to help you in choosing the toddler pillow to buy.


Does your toddler have allergies?

If your toddler has allergies, try to determine what causes the allergies? Is it because of the wool? If it is, then buying a toddler wool pillow is not the best option because this will merely worsen the allergy.


Are the pillows satisfaction guaranteed?

If seek for toddler pillows, you will usually find whether or not the product provides a satisfaction guarantee. This means that you may still return the toddler pillow should you find any problem with it related to loss of shape, torn seams, or poor workmanship. A good quality toddler pillow provides a longer guarantee because this merely implies that the company wishes to stand behind the quality of its product.


Are the toddler pillows soft or firm?

When purchasing some toddler pillows, find the right balance between support and comfort. You can achieve this by pressing down on the pillow to check whether or not it will regain or shape. If it won’t get back to its original shape, it means the toddler pillow is too soft and is quite dangerous because it increases the risk of suffocation on your toddler. On the other hand, if you press down the toddler pillow and it does not move, this means the toddler pillow is too hard to even offer comfort.


What is the material used to cover the pillow?

When purchasing a toddler pillow, you may also like to consider the materials used. Most toddler pillows are manufactured from cotton. Cotton can either be organic or regular. The organic ones have clear marks on them. On the contrary, if you find it hard to determine if the pillow is organic or not, then apply some caution by assuming that it isn’t. Some common materials used to cover pillows are synthetic fiber, cotton polyester blend, and cotton.

Common toddler pillow cover materials include:

  • Cotton
  • Cotton polyester blend
  • Synthetic fiber


Is your toddler easily irritated by allergens?

Some of the common allergens present in the environment include dust, mold, dust mites, microbes, and a lot more. Choose pillows that are hypoallergenic to diminish any form of allergic responses.



If you are planning to give your toddler a pillow at this time, choose the best type of pillows that are guaranteed to offer comfort. Poor quality toddler pillows may cause shoulder and neck strains and allergies. What factors did you consider before buying your toddler pillows? Share your experience with us.



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How To Choose The Best Pillow For Your Toddler

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