How to Get Fish Smell Out of House

How to Get Fish Smell Out of House : The smell of fish is unmistakable, and any good nasal pair will pick it up from afar easily. When fish gets baked, fried or broiled, the smell can be tantalizing and never fails to make the taste buds come alive time and again. I have admittedly lost count of how many times I have prepared fish for friends and loved ones, but I relish each experience.

To the downside of fish preparation: you have to cope with the lingering smell of the cooking is over, but the fact that the aroma can be eliminated easily makes it all worth the while.

A Quick Note

When you buy your fish fresh, the smell will be less pungent than when the fish is old in store. The longer the fish has been stored, the more likely it will be for the pungency to be extreme.

Recommended Tips

Here are some easy to follow processes to rid your house of fish smells through odor neutralization and introduction of fresh aroma and How to Get Fish Smell Out of House :

1.Immediate Cleaning

When you are through cooking your fish, one way to dampen the fish smell is to ensure that you clean your kitchen immediately. Look out for splatters on your cooker, counter tops, and utensils.

If your steel knives or possibly a ceramic knife hangs close, make sure you wash and clean them with soaps. As for your frying pans or grills, the oils leftover will be the evident tell-tale. In learning this,you’ll have to clean out the oils using cleaning solutions and lukewarm water.

Leaving the oils with the stinking smell on the stove is completely unacceptable and always plan to clean up immediately.


2. Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation does it for a number of scenarios from the bedroom to kitchen routines. Clear weather makes it possible to leave the doors and windows ajar and especially for the kitchen.

If there are connecting doors to the balcony or slides, make sure to leave them open as well. The best approach is to open the windows in your cooking area before cooking begins so that enough air flow will be stabilized. Leave them open till you complete your cooking.

The back doors can also be opened if the season allows for this. Security concerns might make some people avoid this, but I would say that you should pick your options. No one knows your peculiar circumstances than you do.


3. Close bedroom Inlets

One drawback of fabrics is that they easily retain odors and greasy substances. Since these are not easily cleaned, it is better to have your bedroom doors and windows shut. Also look out for closet doors as well, if you do not want the fishy smell in that part of the house.

As a general best practice, always make sure that anything smelly that gets cooked is not allowed to interfere with you convenience later on. Shut your bedroom door when you know a pungent smell will arise.


4. Simmering Spices

Cloves, citrus peels and sweet –aroma inducing spices like the cinnamon can also be used to counteract fishy smells around the house. What you need to do is to have these sweet flavors simmered in the water right on your cooker so that the pleasant flavors can mask the pungent smells.

The use of smoker’s candles with their scented alternatives is also a good bit to utilize when you are considering how to get fish smell out of your house.

Peppermint and lemon also come across as effective when you want a mean to combat the pungent smells around the house. Just make sure your candle is lit before cooking begins and leave it to smolder while you go to the dining and clean up.


5. Expose a Bowl of Vinegar

Since the awareness of how pungent fish smells can be is not debatable, one way to get rid of lingering odors is to expose a bowl of white vinegar through the night. You can do this by placing in on the counter top before you sleep off.

The other options to white vinegar include soda and coffee grounds, and since they are excellent at dissipation, they will neutralize the pungent smell before morning.
Other Recommended Measures

There are other measures that friends and bloggers have suggested as capable of dealing with pungent fish smells. These are basically free or cheap to implement, and they include:

  • Place a few dried leaves of parsley on an incense vase and add a few coals to burn while frying your fish. This is meant to ward off the strong smell by neutralizing the pungency.
  • Cut a slice from an apple and drop it into the frying pan while the fish gets fried or cooked. The apple is said to absorb the pungency with ease.
  • Scoop peanut butter in a teaspoon measures onto your frying pan as the fish cooks. This will lead to the neutralization of the fish smell. I suspect this might alter the flavor of your fried fish.
  • Place a wet towel in the oven as you grill your fish or close to the cooker while the fish is fried. The ensuing fishy smell will be absorbed by the wet fabric.
  • Immerse fish in milk for about 30 minutes before you fry. In doing so, this will lead to less emission of pungent scents while leaving the taste of your fish unchanged.
  • Drop a quarter cupful of vinegar in water along with a quarter cupful measure of lemon juice and soak your fish in the mix. The odors are dampened while your fish flavor remains unaltered.



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Do not shy away from adding your comments, questions, or personal clues about the touchy topic at hand and I look forward to reading them in the coming days!



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How to Get Fish Smell Out of House



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How to Get Fish Smell Out of House


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