How to Get Started with the Lasta App, A Go-to Mindful Eating App

How to Get Started with the Lasta App, A Go-to Mindful Eating App : Mindful eating is critical for maintaining a healthy weight which greatly contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The influx of fast food and the convenience of home delivery continuously undermines our commitment to good eating habits.

Subsequently, it’s easier to access unhealthy food alternatives than find healthier options.

Lasta takes away the hassle of hours spent crafting personalized meal plans to help you achieve the perfect nutritional requirements for your age, height, gender, and other parameters.

What is the Lasta App?

The Lasta App is designed to formulate your nutritional plan based on your body type, daily eating habits, and desired weight goals. This weight loss app is available on iPhone devices and its website for non-iPhone users. It’s built around intuitive tools that track vital body metrics to target the most impactful weight loss areas directly.

A Companion for the Future

Lasta was created in 2021 to be a life-long companion in the weight loss journey by implementing daily lifestyle practices through a combination of mind, body, and environmental changes. The Lasta way is more than the usual ‘trendy’ diet fads that come and go; it is backed by science, tried and tested smart trackers, ongoing education resources, practical user engagement and round-the-clock support from a growing community of users and developers.

Features of Lasta

The Lasta weight loss app features free and paid tools.

Free Tools

  • Weight tracking
  • Intermittent Fasting Feature
  • Water Intake Tracker
  • Mood Tracking
  • Step Counter

Paid/Premium Features

  • Custom meal plans – This is a gamechanger in the weight management tools space. The app recommends meal plans based on what you already like to eat.
  • Access to a collection of creative recipes

In addition to these, Lasta also offers access to updated content in the health and fitness niche ranging from blog posts, videos, and audio files.

Why was Lasta Made?

The Lasta App is designed to achieve a couple of goals for its users:

  • To motivate people to maintain a healthy weight and to show that it is possible to achieve a healthy body despite your current state
  • To eliminate the need for tedious and complicated practices like calorie counting while being mindful of our daily food intake
  • To develop healthy emotional associations with food i.e., not being guilty about what we eat
  • Lasta also aims to encourage users to cut down on junk food by offering healthier alternatives through fun and delicious recipes


We can’t deny the urge to watch over what we eat, especially in this digital generation. Again, the sheer number of diet and weight loss apps in the market is overwhelming. This is perhaps the main reason most people seem to be stuck – too many options tend to make decision-making harder than it has to be. However, Lasta has proved to be more of a guide than a how-to manual. The steps involved in weight loss are unique for everyone, and Lasta is deploying this approach to curate a unique process for its users.




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How to Get Started with the Lasta App, A Go-to Mindful Eating App

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