How To Keep Your Body Wave Hair Wig Curly Or Wavy?

How To Keep Your Body Wave Hair Wig Curly Or Wavy? Body wave hair wigs are popular in real hair wigs. Because black women mostly love to have long and body wave hair wigs. The real hair body wave wig is the only solution. Body wave hair wig has bigs shape curls or waves. And it looks natural and stylish.

Body wave hair wig gives the natural hair feeling. And it is accessible to styling. You can also straight and curl it in different ways. Body wave goes with the airflow, makes you feel like real hair, and gives you an attractive look.

Body wave hair wigs are also available in different colours and types like body wave full lace wig, body wave lace front wig, body wave short bob wig and many more. But most users do not know how to keep their body wave hair wig wavy after wash? In this read, you will get the ideas to keep your body wave natural hair wig curly. It mainly depends on how you care and keep your wig.

Below are some ways to keep your wig wavy and attractive.

Do not use a blow dryer.

Whenever you wash your body wave wig, let it dry until the last water drip. After that, have some oil and apply it evenly to your hair. Always use a towel to make it dry never use a blow dryer as it will damage your hair wig.

Run your finger in your hair

After applying oil on your body wave wig, use your finger gently on hair from upside down. Apply the least quantity of oil to give it a radiant and fresh look. Its help you to keep your body wave wig hair wavy.

Apply curl defining cream

In the next step, apply some cream or mousse on the hair that maintain the curl. But do not apply too much otherwise, it becomes dusty because dust particles will stick on the hair effortlessly.

Let it air dry completely.

You can also use the wavy or curly dryer to blow hair. But let it air dry entirely is the best option.

Apply conditioner

The last and most important way is to deep conditioner your body wave hair wig every two weeks. Because if you do not apply the conditioner, it starts tangling. And hair tangling damage the hair wig. So conditioner helps you to keep your body hair wig moisturise and soft. And your hair wig’s hair never shed.


Body wave hair wig looks natural and stylish. But to keep your wig wavy, you need to follow the above mention tips. Because your wig defines your style, always go for a real hair wig as it is easy to maintain, and you can also apply regular hair cream and conditioner on it. And the best thing is it will help you to have a natural hair looking style. Go for the best and keep its original look by applying the above 5 ways and keep your body wave hair wig new and wavy.





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How To Keep Your Body Wave Hair Wig Curly Or Wavy?

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