How To Remove Professional Eyelash Adhesive

How To Remove Professional Eyelash Adhesive
How To Remove Professional Eyelash Adhesive

How To Remove Professional Eyelash Adhesive : Eyelash extensions are always beautiful on your eyes and make you look lovely. These professional eyelash adhesives are secured in place with water and soap resistant adhesives, that won’t be removed easily. The lash extensions are always in contact with your natural lashes, making it very delicate during removal. 

If you are sternly a lash extension queen and don’t need any assistants from a salon or any other professional to remove your eyelash extension, here are some few options for you. There are several removers and ways you can apply when taking off your extensions.

  1. Use professional glue remover

    Strong glue is used while applying eyelash extensions, which remains the reason why it can be hard to get it off using regular removers.

    • Get your genuine remover:

      You must buy professional-grade removers to remove your extension eyelashes without damaging your natural lashes safely.

      You can find good eyelash extension glue removers from the nearby chemist or in a beauty products store online.

      If you do not find the right product for you, you can recall the last professional who did it right for you. You can go back and ask them about the solvent they used then you can get from them.

    • Glue remover application:

      After getting your desirable remover, look for a soft cotton piece, and apply the solvent into it. Close one eye, hold down the upper part of your lashes using your fingers, and start gentle rubbing using the soaked cotton piece. Rub it back and forth, concentrating on the area where your lash line meets with eyelash extensions. You may repeat this process several times until before you begin the following step.

    • Remove the loosened extensions:

      Check if your remover worked properly and try as much as possible to be gentle during this step. You don’t have to pull hard your extension eyelashes if the remover loosened the extensions enough; to avoid sliding off your natural lashes. Using your forefingers, slip off the extensions effortlessly until it’s all off.

    • Get rid of excess glue from your eyelid:

      After you are done pulling off the eyelash extensions, ensure that you get rid of some adhesive leftovers. Apply the solvent once more, gently on your lash line until you ensure that there are no more glue substances on your natural lashes.

    • Rinse your eyelashes and your entire face:

      Using warm water, ensure that you worked on your full face by rinsing it all, your eye area inclusive. If possible, do it with mild cleanser too to ensure that no residue is left behind.

  2. Steam and Oil Eyelash extension removal

    Another method of removing your eyelash extensions is using steam and oil way.

    • Get rid of your makeup:

      First, you need to get rid of your existing makeup before you proceed to the next step. Ensure that you take a lot of care around your eye area to avoid harmful chemicals from coming into contact with your sensitive eyelid. It is safe to remove your makeup using a cotton ball and light oils or to use special makeup wipes.

    • Steam your face:

      Remember, the professional adhesive applied to hold your natural eyelashes with extensions is extremely strong and long-lasting. Loosening these bonds requires a lot of effort, which is why we must use steam in this case. Besides, steaming your face helps in unclogging the pores, and it is also an advisable treatment for your skin. You can use the face steamer to steam your face or boil some water, put it in a bowl, and hold it below your face for 30 seconds. If you want an aroma therapeutic effect in your process, add some essential oil to steaming water.

    • Use olive oil:

      Use olive oil or any other natural oil with a cotton ball to gently touch it around your eyelashes. Apply the oils generously on your lash line and ensure that your eyelashes are also taken care of. Continue to apply until all the extensions fall off. Your eye vision may be affected a bit during the process, but ensure that you use eye drops immediately when you are done with this process to wash away some oils in your eyeball.

    • Wash your face and rinse your eyelashes:

      Finally, rinse your face using water or gentle face cleaner by making sure that you get your eyelashes cleaned. Ensure that any remaining extension is gotten rid of during this final process.


Eyelash extension is a blend of natural eyelash beauty, and everyone can learn how to work on it from the comfort of their homes without visiting a salon or any other professional. Removal of fake eyelashes is easy, and you can use this DIY guide to work on it from home. The only precaution is that you must be careful with this process to minimize the risk of damaging your entire natural eyelashes. You must ensure that you check any list of ingredients if you are sensitive to anything. If you are not sure of something, you should leave it to be done by a professional. To avoid the use of misleading products that may affect your eye area.






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How To Remove Professional Eyelash Adhesive

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