How To Successfully Detox From Marijuana: Timelines And Strategies

How To Successfully Detox From Marijuana: Timelines And Strategies : Have you developed a dependency on marijuana? Do you want to quit?

If yes, it is great that you are gathering information about marijuana detoxification. You might have heard that detoxification from any type of substance requires proper medical attention. As the body and brain start reacting due to the scarcity of the particular substance, it becomes difficult to handle the withdrawal symptoms.

This is the main reason why most of the individuals who make the decision of coming out from any type of addiction always search for a reputed and certified detoxification center.

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Quitting marijuana addiction can be really challenging, but it is not impossible. As we have mentioned, the appropriate treatment can get you a new, healthy, and sober life. It will also accelerate your recovery process.

Marijuana Withdrawal And Detox

When you are quitting any type of substance abuse, it is obvious that you will encounter withdrawal symptoms. The case is also the same for quitting marijuana addiction. As per reports, insomnia is the most common withdrawal symptom.

It is followed by nightmares and depression. Here are some other marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

  • Stomach pains.
  • Headaches.
  • Decreased appetite.
  • Strange dreams.
  • Obviously, a craving for cannabis.
  • Heightened anger and aggression.
  • Restlessness and nervous anxiety.
  • Dehydration and fever.
  • Sweating and body shake.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, during marijuana detoxification, an individual might also experience a constant low level of rage and anger, a sudden outburst of anger, and general irritability.

In case you are into the constant use of marijuana for a really long time, you might suffer from physiological withdrawal symptoms like any other addictive substance. We do not think we should mention the marijuana cravings as well.

Marijuana Detox Process

We have mentioned the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana detoxification in the above part. Just the way other substance abuse detoxification works, here also, the individual requires medical attention and treatment so that the issues can not be greater and cause severe harm.

However, the withdrawal symptoms and the severity of them vary on the basis of what type of substance you are using, for how long you are into substance abuse, the amount of substance you have consumed, and your overall health status.

The Duration Of Marijuana Detox

You might be relieved a little knowing that marijuana withdrawal symptoms are not as dangerous as other substance abuse, but they do actually last longer than others.

In the worst case, the withdrawal symptoms might last for two weeks for marijuana detoxification. It also depends on how frequently and how long you have consumed marijuana.

Some psychological symptoms might last longer than two weeks. The entire duration of the withdrawal symptoms often becomes the reason why most individuals suffering from marijuana addiction do not complete the detoxification process.

Marijuana Home Detox: Do’s And Don’ts

When you are into the marijuana detoxification process, you need to follow some tips and tricks. It will help you combat the withdrawal symptoms and will also improve the entire recovery process.

1: Eat healthy Foods

The very first thing you need to do is avoid processed foods, which contain high amounts of sugar. It can make your detoxification journey worse. Go for healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and natural foods. When your body adjusts to the absence of marijuana, healthy foods will help you during those days.

2: Fill your Time

During detoxification, sparing your time might be really dangerous. When you have nothing to occupy your time, it will automatically make you suffer more from cravings. Automatically your chances of relapse increase. That is why occupying your time with activities is needed for reducing the psychological difficulties of detox.

3: Exercise Daily

Daily or at least regular exercises helps to improve your mood and also boost endorphins at a certain time, which will be more stressful on both your mind and body. It can assist in coping with all those mood-related aspects of withdrawal.

4: Stay Hydrated

We have already told you, you need to stay away from sugary or caffeinated drinks and drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated and promote optimal conditions for detox. Apart from that, keeping yourself hydrated is really crucial for your overall health.

5: Seek Support

You might be thinking about doing detoxification completely alone. Especially for those people who feel embarrassed by marijuana use do not want to seek support from others. However, seeking the support of someone you truly rely on can actually make a significant difference during the detoxification.

Marijuana Home Detox: Risks

In most situations, trying to detox from marijuana at home is not that much dangerous. However, the success rate is lower in-home detox. The support and resources offered by the professional detoxification centers always make the detox process more comfortable.

They also come up with a complete solution, which is required for stopping marijuana entirely. A lot of people who opt for detoxification at home do not have any long-term strategy or plan for not using marijuana in the longer future.

In those cases, the very reasons which made them use marijuana at the first stage also caused them to relapse. So, home detox is actually not that much of a risk, but it will not be able to offer you the success you will get when you opt for a professional detoxification program.

The Importance Of Going With A Professional marijuana Detox

Last but not least, you should know why you need to have a clear idea and understand why professional detoxification is mandatory or important for a complete recovery.

  • Often people end up with a relapse.
  • Most people come with multiple substance abuse.
  • Often addiction patients also come with a mental health history.
  • People who tend to develop marijuana addiction also suffer from several medical problems.




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How To Successfully Detox From Marijuana: Timelines And Strategies